What *when (60*60*24*365.25 rounding gently when thus is 31.55 million seconds roughly a year)
Is 12*3 (which is also 36*7.48 or the volume of water of a lil creek which at ~1.5mph is not a fast moving torrent but 31,550,000 * 36 is?

Divided by 660,253.09 gallons (Olympic pool)
~1,720.249…/ 1,720
5 pools a day ish!

For a weenie Creek.
I want a lusty river!

I spent today on my fictional town of Double Cross. I am careful to believe enough to make it plausible a place as if you may wake there…if I suddenly describe it so well that you might imagine it?

I’ve run into some scale issues as it’s not just lines on a page but meant to become! A place! Then to add misery to my understanding it’s not what lines but where and why! So I investigate what’s better to make it feel more alive. Like a lazy Creek versus a naughty and sometimes deadly river! A place seemingly with plenty but it isn’t easily massaged from itself for a living. Because I want you to feel how it reads when the this town paper shows iron ore prices go down say 25 a ton? That means 5 families will morn five changes to employment even if 4 tons ore is a workers produce a day and that’s 10 an hour wages not what a miner these days would make, you got to feel that in time when 2 an hour was very good money.

Best grass beef cattle
Caen hill locks (237 rise/fall locks passage system England)
Nagarjuna Sagar (India’s offering of a huge masonry dam at 409 feet… I need mine brick fictionally so this is a model but I don’t need mine so high!!!)
If you wonder about bricks there’s YouTube at your leisure offering real backstory to iron mining within the economic mic costs and logistics not in novel format so please don’t bash me too harshly if my limited crasp isn’t to some Earth shattering reality…plausible would be nice.)
(Basically before Panama was an idea canalwise railroads replaced a lot of the need for canals but not all of it… So to be partially viable within history locks…yes to a river to move iron ore how? It’s very much boom for one 25 year phase of town but not a city 25 years later still where 1000 more times in volume came literally overnight)

I’m cleared to use my fistula for dialysis. If this goes well my chest port for same purpose may be removed. I have aortic aneurysm run on my dad’s side to which with my approval and qualifying logic of shown history of hardening via chest x-ray prior this year was ultrasounded for that worry- while the risk remains, I’m showing no major dangers!! I had to get a chest x-ray anyway per kidney not heart doctor (heart surgeon do fistulas ports) and months into dialysis I no longer show an enlarged heart or fluid internally!!!

Some blockages ease.
I got socks Monday and replacement shirts and pants to cover my wardrobe having 3 shirts… Bit thin. I have a coat as it’s to snow tomorrow.

I patiently don’t explode as to love and it’s hopes to listening heart well aware this sometimes hurts to be silent.
I’m motoring to my hopes hoping to continue this means completion sharing fairly. Even silly projects have this soul to them as that’s me easily adh oo shiney thing !! D . Or if you miss the joke I don’t seek a diagnosis of condition but I am distracted some not lingering long on a tour. Hence when I return notes exist to spark continuing.

Or not blockage.

By Starman Jones

Everything and Nothing interests me. I cook read, write and even have to clean. I SHOULD NOTE: I'm 40 something.

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