The Adventure Is Here.


The broccoli tree. Look it even believes in Halloween with it’s lil skellie smile.

Day one was some green chili I could manage at the mild Mexican joint ! Yes just in case all the Colorado left me, mild. Walking the manager or of dogs was quite fun as we could take 4 of the 5. Don’t you worry special time for jealous growly was arranged! Of course the gotta go can’t happen til the neighbor could see you seperated from the group no bag as we’d stash common the bags I the stroller… Extra patrol! Sushi mat it for suppertime and it requires a lil tweek to be correct to type of ingredients but mmmmm. And a lil progress upon the goals… Next photos…

(When trying to invent a fictional town, big enough to support multi-lines bus service, hence many stops to text at stops or Rob call info, you if me might get roadblocked not just inventing a list of street names…. But imagining how the town had to come to be! I don’t lack a model – best for this sized town for shape might be steamboat springs, co as it has a three line bus shuttle to get you to your tourism joy and if that involves alcohol- a free ride for everyone’s safety and if necessary the very little mercy bad choices otherwise will net one. As you can see the ideas, gelling, this town has to have a minor bit of railroad access and a river to a lil lake. How ideas of generations change with how we try economically for livings… It’s not just paths but the ghosts! The ghosts make the paths. But that’s the block… That how big a lake which is why the town gets shaped some as it is an expensive thing dams so what was it’s need to fund it….I’m settling upon flood control with Earl city power and thus minor irrigation which makes this a fairly late Victorian era beginning of a towñ. Not so new it has no ghosts… But not so old those ghosts actually overly excited anyone.

My delay start for dialysis is waiting from Thursday til Tuesday and it came through as I was boarding the plane. So I’ve a lil ID running to do so I’m not courting surprise out of insurance area bills. But I can progress to what adventure is back here. But the adventure is no longer Florida but Colorado…monkey wrench of housing occured…

By Starman Jones

Everything and Nothing interests me. I cook read, write and even have to clean. I SHOULD NOTE: I'm 40 something.

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