Hold On

Held. That situation where I am not the slave of my stovetop.i can linger.

Chef john on beurr blanc

Because! Tacos have a filling kept at temperature (140f of 212f boiling) so it’s chances of spoiling are nearest zero. But I’m not thinking chicken beef or pork fillings…. Fish.

What’s a fish filling but a broiled crumble? Well that’s gonna dry out being held.
So fish is butter served. Why not a sauce? Thinned perhaps. In a way it’s never going to present as a filet in glorious sauce… So hearing beurr blanc breaks as it chills… So? I need wet without sodden water taste.
Yes, between 2010 and now fish tacos exist on this menu but what got it remembered was cod tostadas… Guess what’s no longer featured? Like move from Colorado and my green chili Verde Colorado is like a dream! Ack.

Anyways. Tuck overly thin edges of filet to make as uniform thus not burnt up fish. Broil. It’s said 4-6 very close to heat (4 inches not in the fire thus on fire) I undercooked enough things to suggest you cautiously allow a touch more time…. Check. Not translucent, flakes, but not burnt to heavens dry!
A demo cod tostada. I liked the sprouts topped Christmas cod tostada too but that’s like nacho bites perfect hors d’oeuvre… You know, not offering dinner but prepared for those who don’t snub the party for dinner.

The sketch here is, a small crock to hold fish topping/filling in thin butter sauce so it just glistens warmly on a swift station of garnish. Thus help thyself but at a bit of leisure.

This is generic sounding so stupid drink names to the rescue so the party theme is supported. I’m thinking candy a favorite at Halloween…

Heh so not being thematic today. Cherry sours with lighter fish fare? Hold on, I might be generic. If you mention that pb&j white lightning? Um, more halloweeny but yuck. (if you don’t know)

(Inflated, ice-fill buffet for garnish.)
(Dippers! Small! Crock pots 20oz would be 10 tostadas one or two is a modest party at 2 oz a serving calculation which is 3-4 small portion filets or a “batch” if you toaster oven broil as it’s just easier using a small gadget than a big production oven for a snack.)

By Starman Jones

Everything and Nothing interests me. I cook read, write and even have to clean. I SHOULD NOTE: I'm 40 something.

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