Saturday morning cartoons?

Up early – date outcome was a stood up. Recycled time was a chicken schwarma wrap at zaytoon grill with fries. Great taste small sized Greek burrito (spiced yogurt marinated chicken chunk grilled and wrapped in a tortilla not folded in pita typical with lettuce and tomato in a bit of dressing – as it’s grilled it is drier than a typical sandwich expectation but still very tastey. Fries – just get extra crispy okay? ;). And a steak and shake shake of it’s been eons since I’ve had a fudge versus choc syrup so that feeling you’ve chocolate dipped strawberry shake was acheived and also yummy. The cup of chili at steak and shake please note it rained allllllllll day, was? Mustard didn’t help… Remembered it mismatched slightly as chilidog topping…. And just crackers no cheese or chopped or grilled onions…. Just is like you’re 10th favorite chili going feeling not bad but just not jump up good and it’s odd to have to ask after typical chili topping like cheese and onions so realistically that’s an expectation not met. That location then had a big chat on are you frying onions or grilling them… Note that the gateway mall steak and shake would expect you to know you want cheese and GRILLED onions for your otherwise tenth favorite chili ever. Fried to them means durkey french fries onions like for classic Thanksgiving green bean casserole topping. Please note that this is where you can get a hamburger fries and water at a sit down place with service for 3.56 plus tip. You will be able to spend 8 with tip which is cheaper than typical sit down cafes/restaurants where it’s 15 versus this obvious fast food place…yet with service… Basically still a value nicety.

The circular beach to downtown bus overheated at seventh shutting down the motor. I got on at ninth to go to third. Hahahahaha it cooled down and restarted turning off an infernal buzzer.

Bus to home went by as I was the corner before that stop.

But yum was found.

Now by reference – I had no choice of “a” purchase as I’m not near a convenience store fore a candy bar and duh Mr diabetic should avoid candy. But I did not need an 8.55 crap fries tastey small sandwich on cold day thus requiring second meal. I could and low budget emergency funds have waited at the coffee window 2 dollar coffee warmth and necessary fluid to revamp after actually tough today dialysis (60.6kg mark from hospital 60.0 and left record light at 59.2kg which with high b p all treatment including nap required to lower it I left unable to nonstop walk so i literally by evidence am dehydratable and have issues with stamina and nausea as I drop to I enter dialysis at 60.0 not leave it seemingly the goal with forever attention and liquid restrictions to be little if nothing fluids removed stable just filter that blood. I mean Wednesday 61.6 to 59.4 was a Suns anvil down to the grocery where by frozen foods I was rushing to vomit remember no food til this point and 6 hours treatment/travel dehydrated and hungry too…heheheh. do you need an ambulance (I need officer on day as the cleaner figured I made a double mess or something gotta love our put upon public corporate faces! Customers are quite inconvenient! So is money. 😉

Now I suppose I’ve til normal hours to get shopping and sort my laundry needs having gone cash requiring a walk to the close coin op laundry versus no coin imput here at apartment complex.

I run high b p so am off on med intake. I run high phosphorus also crap intake of it’s binder med. But also likely have to kill my grocery snack cheese intake and cereal….with milk/nuts milks also high phosphorus food. However 6.5 from 8.4 on sugar a1c hemoglobin. Or good versus you’ll see my med intake oops soon enough ugh the battles. Neither sugar number is particularly good 5.7-6.1 is the hoped mark here now or lower if your Uber dicaplined. But knowing I’d not taken insulin a year prior to the new doctor seeing all my bloodwork didn’t drop me into dialysis til I couldn’t walk well on strong BP meds didn’t write a script for insulin but it came in hospital. The bill for that stay is just one more rent bill….

Coffee? Hey easy on the sugar!!!! Hee hee.

I suppose…. I should note for my! Notes that my hemoglobin rate has risen from 8 to higher 10’s which more accurately reflects difficulty walking with stamina not higher blood pressure which was the noted information prior. So erroneously having elevated higher BP a free pass to smoke cigarettes… As it not a water and a puff after dialysis … But remember we all try to feel “well” and dialysis has been tough on many an occassion to have a pooped after feeling and a many blocks not too many but tough enough travel home. Info. It’s interesting getting it alll.

By Starman Jones

Everything and Nothing interests me. I cook read, write and even have to clean. I SHOULD NOTE: I'm 40 something.

One reply on “Saturday morning cartoons?”

It’s worth noting that now:. Much of my issues dialysis are two fold, I get very much lower blood pressure after sitting scrubbing then suddenly standing up. For instance I may enter with 210/105 and endure their pushing tranquizilers that I dislike as they give me cotton mouth make my heart feal different wrongly and unsettled in my mind (obviously most disconcerting, that last) so no. No thanks as I want to fight like hell the obvious next find out whether they’ll risk treatment and if not try bunging me with a trip to a hospital. Actually under guard (not cops just EMTs) by ambulance so I can pay that bill for a lil zap of a different potion…. And my whole day wasted but theirs just another bit of excitement. I left at 126/77. Yet there was a real risk I’d be bothered. I could only half see to cross the street greying out on low then b p but others were safe professionally. Another thing would be sickness, I can leave an puke with an awful belly ache. Not I can get gas anyone can. I also have found it harder to lower phosphorus intake, a key of my health very much harder to lower and unlike sodium, it’s not readily on all nutrition labels. So being higher there can cause each in comfy trip home….each u moderating b p issue… And as always there’s rules to others paid help… It’s a far nicer spot to be giving rather than taking. But there you are, one bit of non readily perceived bit of info can change everything. Oh and as to the date now that I’m a month off and 1300 miles moved away? She wasn’t 30 but 47 and she never said she had a husband but obvious as the day is long she was with another and not interested as suddenly elsewhere date day… And no interest in anything person level down to her last day there change numbers? Naw I keep up with so and so… Which is no no interest yet you can feel the interest meaning taken. Rice is done now to sushi

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