A sandlot shadow plays
As sun sends shade west – I run east
Sounds gone. Voices remain.

(Emerald Elementary School, Broomfield Colorado as it isn’t the same now. It was a sandlot 😉 those colorful monkey bars kinda were just metal maybe a dash of rust and look like the first grader’s bars moved. The wavys were kindergarten side. The left grass not grass and this more of third grade area. The wall is the memory altered beyond easy recognition as I seriously had to circle the map twice to catch the architectural remains. But I remember falling off a different monkey bar knocking the wind out. Get one of the most “endearing” knicknames and kicking that idiot oh believe me, nice me got madder . I got to take that the sounds gone voice remains along with me. Now the scene is a blurry smile. It took the ratio of size to feel more empowered than not at all but that kinda melted with health later (I was jazzed I had lost and kept lost 20 of I guess 60 I don’t need pounds oh I’m over ninety less when I leave appointment one. But such are memories and pictures. By kicking, this dumb but I was young too, I had granite bones and that sorta Lawrence of Arabia lighting corporal Hartley’s cigarette then burning it til it extinguishes in his fingers… I dated the idiot to shin me and he tried and howled around as I helped and granite shines and that idiot howling made me smile in a cheap stout feeling of power. The other scenes largely didn’t. You know it’s okay now? It’s okay I had wanted and got only negatives to flow. One thing found was a bestie and the first I fried that egg. Explorations sometimes are nice too. I’m glad I got some good memories.)

By Starman Jones

Everything and Nothing interests me. I cook read, write and even have to clean. I SHOULD NOTE: I'm 40 something.

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20 just lost felling peppy and I walk to the store… And get held up as I’m not big any.ore….hahahahaha. trust me I have a blur as this stuff doesn’t seem to matter thus the memory rusts… I remember the white of late morning recess sun in the springs falls as positions of sun seem to light differently. In height and intensity…summers hot yes but that whiter light….anvil!

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