Resolve! (It’s a fine carpet cleaner)

I got a budgetary break! To now suss out my month. A lil planning jag encountered the typical you can not ever quite plan snack attack so ack store visits get lovely when budget is surpassed yet the balance says impending doom. But I’m on hook for seperatist duty which is second floating priority two facilities use. Let’s see how well I do as otherwise it’s no this that and the otherthings when like nutrition is important and junk.

The “Meetup” confirmed yet phone info not traded so in actuality it doesn’t appear a date til that point with Meetup meaning just that at a festival so it still don’t appear untoward. But I’ve stood the logical spots forever to miss folks thus proving my logic is at least not the only one. A phone is coming or ack some step up it’s a date it isn’t.

Now to Dillinger my own account. Get up my usual bs’s on the cheap though

If you noticed, that can mean all those things one hopes of yums as I have practice not just ideas.
I’ve had the fish tempura – a piece of fried/baked(fried) fish in the sushi…it’s okay good. I’ve more success this as a fish taco (yes budget say tortillas possible). Whereby the fish filet many of us get from frozen foods is baked as per usual but not with a can of stewed spinach and instant mash as we die in the 80’s but in a warm tortilla dash of ranch (vile but mayo fails and tatar sauce worse! So ranch get a least offender and onion lettuce up! (Fold hold and consume) I’m due to retry bulk eats for fast grab lunches so beef and rice- a simple mince or ground beef browned and crumbled to mix with rice – pepper and can of diced tomatoes an option but so too is plain even if that directly haunts up the 80’s pumpkin…. You’d think I’d propose stuffed peppers but that keeps upping the budget it’s gotta make it including a nicety over would you just know it???? A BBQ weekend 3rd before a Payday ahhhh thanks calendar!! Otherwise some loose meat sandwiches easy cheap enough. Shake n bake BBQ chicken so you understand that’s more than enough ideas but now sushi tuna sandwiches fruit cheese I’m okay add oatmeal eggs and egg cheese is there. Poached on toast mmm. Soup as it’s time to get to making soup season possible just not overboard as it’s like hot summer yet. The point isn’t I can…. The point is I can get my voice and needs addressed. That leaves this a chance at crumbles but still a chances. And a chance at directions I can have and afford. Not just now but room to grow choices and sacrifices not pitch in.

Resolve. It’s a fine carpet cleaner erasing the crime of those usual ways… The pet stains the garden in the house etc. The things that obviously didn’t go right to plan.

By Starman Jones

Everything and Nothing interests me. I cook read, write and even have to clean. I SHOULD NOTE: I'm 40 something.

3 replies on “Resolve! (It’s a fine carpet cleaner)”

How are you feeling?
A meet-up? A date? A what?! Hope it goes well when it happens. πŸ™‚
I like tempura…especially shrimp and veggie tempura.
I like stuffed peppers and other stuffed veggies.
I fix-ed fish tacos recently, again. They be good.
Hope your weekend is going WHEE-Y great! πŸ™‚

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