As Planned

It drippy warm.
I’m lunched – a homemade spicy tuna maki roll of packet tuna, green hot sauce (fridge cleared bye bye my stuff seen or hidden gently) soy and stir that mayo. Just enough Ric cooker rice more gently vinegarred.
I’ve to walk (drippy warm still) to pay target revolving card after a phone call to pay Bank credit line. Roughly an hour with laundry switchings tween . The last substantial bill cycle and duh monthly awareness of means left as play time is over. The next cycles can’t play as much as I’ve other futures to invest. In. I can’t help but know I should cheer yet feel it’s been atom bombed of the drive to care.

But asside from that worry legit or otherwise, all is as planned.

Coming soon cream of asparagus soup. Salmon cream cheese maki. More of the same which with time is speed and bankable reputation as it’s worked.

Typing proficiency is the next few weeks and with luck the documents for fighting a job up. I hope it’s not months.

Then I suppose it’s only a short time left tween cycles of credit repayment issues and perhaps time luck’s like housing help applied for a month ago and dialysis began then too to show what improvements I’m to have as with all of this work up a future thin means with what’s available.

I’m hoping it’s not a year fighting the lower lines luck up to suddenly be fabulous!!! Having pinched along that way but suddenly free as I’m suddenly not broke. No not a lucky but not unlucky. That’d piss me off. Life better not be what last paycheck worth

By Starman Jones

Everything and Nothing interests me. I cook read, write and even have to clean. I SHOULD NOTE: I'm 40 something.

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