Yes! Gevalia

Which nature’s art are you?
“Yipe!” Lil puppy “yiplllllle” nope, bird.
Pre dawn quizes sat through.

(Over k cup Costa Rican coffee, the ground precursor – a former life love late highschool mail-order good coffee with a free machine sitting on my frantic lawn chair with fat cushion because someone is a boney butt and it’s uncomfy without fat but cushions on a cobbled plywood platform to overcome the step down porch screened in by 8 feet screens small pretty folding table and small trash bucket thank thee targets. Thank thee too as an oft complaint is i smell living I a smokes inside home I smoke but outside. The spots unfinished but comfy you know that look in an instant as the second chair is a metal chair like at church talk about ecclectlic clash as decorating goes!… And that wheeple wheeple in the whoosh of a sliding glass door top back drilled Cuckoo for the pin extra security lock. All this considering cheapass oatmeal the 4oz setting on the water only from coffee maker perfect! For two packets (fat butt sized) oatmeal which you know just invited healthy but tastes so damned good and is so easy that you know as I do it can not be much health and wellness use. It’s dialysis as I don’t have bloodwork drawn no paper to get elsewhere so detail in the morning is reschedule doctor. It’s think well over history how much stupid project work at home means often and the big money dreams that took 3 months to buy a half bottle of something slightly fancy -zirbenz (Austrian stone pine …red…. Liqueur ) which broke my budget then and sucked so was one of those experiences that was as delightful as a mouthful of turpentine straight no chaser. And that I slowly begin that scrape forward secure I can but worried I have enough time of others to manage and everywhere this adventure a slow down a delay even dialysis is a delay 4 hours only after hooked up never faster than 23 minutes from my inside chair plus unhooking after same. 3 days a week slow your life’s roll not-so young anymore sonny! Those type of blurrier thoughts you see just waft in and out of meaning…. The coffee is that good. Damn it, there’s that itch again.)

By Starman Jones

Everything and Nothing interests me. I cook read, write and even have to clean. I SHOULD NOTE: I'm 40 something.

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