Turning points.

I’m still here.  I went to a simple doc appointment to get ambulances to hospital to begin dialysis.  It’s been 173 hours.

As you can imagine I have an adjusted diet yet again.  I will now be on the same diabetic and chronic kidney disease diets to now additionally allow for both sugar control and general waste clearances that are now specific.  By labwork and whining I’ve ate fish *e times and gone down bun numbers 36 from 40 so be aware fish really is a clearance potential issue.  But wondering if I blew my labs to get here versus it being time anyways shows you my clearance over five days normal diets is low with dialysis so it was likely time….not an excuse.  I haven’t had a cigarette in a week. I with a patch after a week went slightly down in b p 133/55 with patch 166/75 but caution one was awake one was just up sleepy not eyes open from nap. Or as you can see for a week I’m still a b p challenge! Now will include low bp too.  I haven’t had a pulse under 100 long.  103 mg/dL from awake or on schedule so far. Will see what dinner numbers register


Chickeñ breast grilled

Bun no sesame standard hamburger

2 packet Heinz mayo (30 Cal via )

Lettuce sprig, onion  chopped pickle chips separated containings. Or plate Saran. 2 oz souflet cups with lids.

Apple slices maybe medium or more 80-100 cal

Iced tea but it’ll save.

Salad of one cup basic mix.

Salad dressing 1.5 oz pack at 200 Cal’s Ken’s brand honey mustard

My notions of nutrition are bun 200 patty 100. Veggies maybe 30 Cal’s total salad and sandwich worth. 195-245 my St bottom kind as 250 type p 4856&portionamount=4.000. 185

Or my sandwich is 550 Cal’s I didn’t eat half quite.  275 plus 100 plus however much of fourth hundred muffin I ate 600 cal dinner.  Never lets it feel a hospital will starve you. But you can see where I’m restricted here and restrict myself but not foolishly.


Salad at one cup a simple lettuce sprig of cabbage mix maybe with grape tomato is it but woo is that dressing packing a punch!!! But damned if I don’t love my salad with meal option.

This is In a dessert cup with lid  or 30 ish ish Cal’s is an right for my type lacking veg.


Its dead easy to put a bag of salad mix into a dessert cup with a few grape tomatoes lid it make sure it’s in a cold spot for 3days holding about best prep last time of fresh vegs prepared. That’s 20 for 100 cups about 30 -55 cents croutons pack 75 cents salad dressing pack or full fucked retail 2 dollar mini salad yikes!! Nearly.  But if packed this is grab and go eating   how often have you wanted a salad but because of its hassle to prepare one chose against veggies intook? 25/12 Tom. 2 in my salad 1/6 ⅝ cal tomatoes for reference but beware this is a potassium offering thus for me restricted.  But so you see I fight for exacting nutrition and salad mix is next just to prove point.  15/5 20 I called thirty. If reviewing but pushing wastes through your healthy bowels is important eating salad is I am so sorry cry meat eater only males! Required if you want a non diarrhea life.

Or wow bomb caloric hospital boring season lite and appropriate more often food!

This is America.


As you can clearly see, I’ve turning points in fortunes health and ongoing diet which seeks to continue proper caloric intake for both sugar and clearing digestives products now more too, foods.  I pick to try keeping a premade salad as I like salad with meals.  I like the fruit with meals too as I’m a snack join here in hospital and that’s all I can con nurse/staff out of.  And duh i get to add these newer joys back in but overall less choices became more variety with meals.  If I follow guides giving me my chance to live.


I haven’t chosen to quit smoking but I have effectively acheived it. But it too needed an adjustment.  I may be able to stay quit as I cut down so much that a week came early minus 2 hours before I begged a patch. 14mg not 21 to resist going outside which as you can imagine im declined for iv and other issues safety.


You might be sad for this turn of events as it kills full-time work more than likely minus self employ.  You might be sad 44 got this.  Y Out might be angry I did this to myself with inappropriate nutrition to diseases and lack of better care.  There are a number of viewpoints possible.  But the adventure is a turning point in my health maths.  And I have! Numbers so yay I’m still alive.

The biggest surprise this week is potato possium and how maybe with a soaking and or boiling process I can leach 3/4 the potassium thus occassionalky still enjoy potatoes.  I knew condiments were painful adds and I got one entire packet of ketchup alllllll week woohoo!!!! I love ketchup.

Condiment control which is required for sodium and potassium intake monitoring…

Offering yes brutally expensive condiments in packs but at what you need.  Remember it’s not eaten unsliced often don’t cheat yourself cheaply!


Amazon and other grocers offer an array of single serve packs dressings.


Nutrition is a science as it’s also an art.  You’ll see I’m alittle aware of what’s going in. Costs and thus how to yay my life or try to.  I also try to follow dieting that works.  Tricky stuff this as I’ve had a blizzard of choices and we all know choice costs.  But you see why I’m here in heal me gods land.  What do I chooooose????????  It’s a clear turning point.


By Starman Jones

Everything and Nothing interests me. I cook read, write and even have to clean. I SHOULD NOTE: I'm 40 something.

5 replies on “Turning points.” For a listing of veggies that I can better have and why.… On leeching process and likely results. I crapped finally since Wednesday so every function is measured and achieved I only need for legal reasons to have a secured dialysis place going forward with home too to leave.

You have my bestest wishes for everything to go well from this day forward. (sounds like something said at a wedding! 😮 😉 😀 )
Glad you are getting some good advice and care.
Hang it there! You got this!
(((HUGS))) 🙂

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