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Freighter from Tulsa to Dallas….  What I expect you to note is that such is fairly boring looking travel or high adventure… But in this case a tad fake in that the radio indicates this is just a non-standard berth.  Enjoy how pretty Oklahoma otherwise dead flat seeming (try Florida for 20 foot to they call mountains it’s so flat here.)


Now dig

Up a map unit which says it’s roughly 750 miles as the crow flies from Tampa Florida to Galveston Texas.  The 28-32 foot long cabin crusisers i.e. deep vee hulled ship can manage the gulf better but that’s 217 miles  a tank at about 175 gallons a tank times four each way or 175×4=700 700×3 is 2100 dollars and that’s begins travel logistics on 150000 dollar boat. You might prefer to be on a craft that hits rougher sea versus a rubber dingy. following links to manufacturers and models …


Train seems cheaper already heh.

By Starman Jones

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