Today was lighthouse for the blind Pinellas (county in Florida). I was in for a vocational evaluation.


I got one hour sleep for the dance party well past 4 am which a noisy computer user.   I type 29 wpm with 90 percent accuracy which will improve with sleep.  I can get places and both groom and feed myself but lack in my opinion a better method to transit yet oddly know nothing of extra help very very much out there.  I’m comfy with computers … I’m not used to any adaptive programs really so I will have time to be as to read I need it magnified over 800 percent.

I got to my bus stop a seeming waltz across a high one of13 lanes.   I chose lunch which got me to the stop literally to wait the whole hour half hour it rained with a pretty point of the sun coming out at the end.

Contrary to my hope of instant job…I get training as to prepare for sucess…. Literally I asked.  This is to hopefully get what I reallllllly want which is into insurance underwriting as it seems to pay okay offering stable work from home eventually work.


It so sucked the 7 block wall to the place from bus points.  The after completion same took one hour as I needed to nap to make it.  Or I really am not in hot health folks. This is Aenemia from kidney issues with some heart trouble.  So imagine my joy! When be they’ll get me to and from home to lighthouse training made me feel!!! Yay.


They have community liaisons building opportunity to this bunch so when that time draws close I have a shot at real jobs not some list on the internet.  Or I may be less than willing to identify blind as to stigma but I’m pleased that I can offer a good a ccount of myself towards my hopes.

This is acb big down here.  Not nfb.  I utilize Florida divisions rehab and blind services, to pay this forward forward.  It has been since 9/26/18 I’ve been in processes to get this far.  But I can stay a little longer hoping in Florida building or continuing after a life.


Thanks and or wish me luck.

By Starman Jones

Everything and Nothing interests me. I cook read, write and even have to clean. I SHOULD NOTE: I'm 40 something.

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