Call of doom

1 hour and 40 plus minutes to enroll in medical insurances – that county line!
It takes effect 5/1/19
(WellCare- which offers basics – changes include:
Lantus – a slow acting insulin the best by study ever period is NOT covered at all. Tressiba and or novologue are tier 3 type drugs being 15×3 then 160 then 310 til end of year when 160 and 60 catastrophe coverage kicks back in. Valtessa -asuspension powder for lowering potassium as all water pills are funny that way about hogging potassium- is only covered if proven medically necessary (you get hospitalized for high potassium it’s a very high heart attack risk). Specialist visits are 5 dollars down from 25 when I started. It’s likely amusing but I have a Colorado company make my glasses which I can get 200 off if hoops are jumped (laughs)
I get on extraction a year and basic preventive care on dental coverage and if choosing to enroll in it silver sneakers offers upwards of 100 a quarter towards out of pocket/vitamins etc within some rules or up to 400 a year. Or change wise I get a little bit less monthly costs initially but catastrophic increases very quickly -there is a near doubling of hospital fees chargeable but otherwise the plan still is zero a mont (elite- WellCare Florida a Medicare’s advantage supplement)

I have a month to not be ill

The doctor switch this is next call but no rush if I have a month to wait (I’ll call as many times I’m a 3week out).


By Starman Jones

Everything and Nothing interests me. I cook read, write and even have to clean. I SHOULD NOTE: I'm 40 something.

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