Do everything… turn, turn, turn.

Sounds good.
I also liked about half of Dana fuller ross’ independence wagons west series. Philip kimball liars moon: a long story and duh! Little house on the prairie!!

Next on the book glitters

This may surprise as historic but much more drama likely 😉 drip drip drama! Yet I’m there it glitters enough to not it for this now whether I ever get to anything anyways. –


Deck of anwe
This references what throughout upheavals is the cash of angriculture. It’s not a surprise excepting some old world crops like sugar and are in fact economic losers.

There is a lot on quota/youtubery on terraforming but it’s difficult not one source acknowl that it’s corrosive yes but pump seawater for desalination away from ocean as the sea area desalination raises salinity thus causing more problems for local life and global temps. There is also not a lot on saline tolerance of plants as this means lesser solutions of desalination can get costs down . The logic being that to move a economic city worth of water drinkable would mean fighting off misuse and abuses.

Just as a kilo of fentanyl is worth 1.6 million dosed but the same as most drugs wholesale about 6 grand a kilo otherwise…

That brings us to soil compactors a tamper to remove issues of unwanted settling and or airy concrete. 12000 if I want it in India and used or a lawn mower type for a grand.

Book wise:
The book of Kells comes up and to me that brings up tale of Genji as these are intriguing old books/works. One for art – made of a late legend or brightness in the dark ages Ireland that the book of Kells… and a lady’s tale in courts of Japanese circa 1021ad. The art of the Kells book still sees imitation today and eek on a 400 character book where due to courtly manners it was rude to refer to anyone by actual name? Eeeeek.
(Or wiki my understandings)

All of which leave me happy about the biscuit I ate. The concepts of possible thought on and a weird anti angry approach as oft things desired aren’t chosen yet they mean the entire air or water



So I want a cheap tool and I’ve farmed our more of the specifics to see into it. Effectively I want either a hinged platform to make a drafting station of a table top or a drafting table.

The reason of not just ordering the cheaper solution now is simple, I have this notion I’ve time to see if things I sort of want can not be found cheaper.

I have years of housing ideas that need not forever remain unactionable but become plans or something that can be a plan.

It’s fun if it’s slower to library outings or anyplace with an actual table quiet and time.

It’s kept twenty years no real reason to dash off money wise when often believing in solutions in this case shopping or diy cobbling can get me something just right.

This without always out of season and sale! I can explore less often! But explore still without the excessive destruction to any future which without savings is only harder.

To this end. I also looked up something not a favorite but edible-a biscuit

This is a typed recipe

That’s the looks

Gee guess who knows it seems only ketogenic people nowadays so likely is still stuck buying grands because I just saw the hellish mess that is 😉

The point here isn’t obstacle- it’s also not in spite of obstacles either I simply remember the neat it is achieving cheap and trust me self rising flour is cheap.

Now that sometimes it’s not what it led to but all the doors it shines through. This instead of dough can be a batter!

The apple fritter courtesy of chef John- YouTube

Because to be honest you know I’m looking for a board length of doughnuts to mow down 😉

Peach fritter is the real point but I’m not at lanes orchards cafe. That’s a southern Georgia adventure.

Because any old house isn’t a home… crap how does that Luther vandross song go?

(If you’re curious too)

I mean why house when it’s of no value til it’s home?



AIDS is cured it only requires stem cell treatment… that’s way ethical!

( )

Now that’s nice now to deficiencies d. It’s a simple question does vitamin d deficiencies cause autoimmune issues…yes…

I’m weird in that I’ve lived in sunshine areas high like Denver Colorado USA ish and that has more sunshine than here in sunny Florida. Yet I get no luck with keeping vitamins d levels. So what the devil blocks this secosteroid? There again weight once gained compounds the agony of the issue then we get age/organ health duh but oddly it seems most interesting gut flora causes all…. so I gain weight fairly comprehensively from 3-4 grades and seven ish I swallowed a penny which makes a wicked X-ray. But that point in life hits like bricks after years of not having in some cases any inclusion school good. So cupcakes here we come!

I’m curious though because the uptake junk isn’t like it came with zero nutrition so one curious whether which factors broke and when.

Because the point here twice is just getting cured is easily said but not done




This picture from Wikipedia of a statue of the poet rumi of Turkey… minus a pointy which hat to appear a wizard is all that lacks?

Consider the same for much of Christmas of the traditions I’ve seen are unfavorable depictions of Irish folk … red nose ? Drinker a my elf is not far removed from a leprechaun.

It’s interesting how fast a little different becomes sinister


Punch drunk


Me use a beauty product?

Now I knew this says salt scrub so being a dolt, I think salt bath.
Soothing actually rather like swimming in a salad.

I am sooo smooth. So smooth that don’t even care if you know that’s not kosher talk according to queen lyric (their beauty and their style went smooth after awhile.. fat bottom girls)

Now resveritrol is from grapes or? Winnnnnnnnne.
And if it’s good for you, how good. Well one bath shouldn’t tell my tales (tail being deliberately a sexual pun allusion). But it also is maybe good to sooth outside time!

Ahh the best of this joy is to be punch drunk on possible health whilst contemplating wine.
I have enough to do up the test as I’m old enough to wonder if I’d benefit for horny monster hormones hahaha



Be it ash after a blazing warm on the grate
Be it a naughty concept of a cheese grater as toilet paper (cringe)
Be it the history of unfairness that has within it hope for humanity but a lesson of how high the stakes are (single-handedly is why we’ve vanilla as he contrived the technique by which we can profitably grow vanilla)
Be it a phone call from a sleepy friend who did not mean to call but yay called
Be it another friend for a seltzer and company
Be it a humble can of baked beans which as I haven’t had in seemingly forever tasted so good!
Be it how it was a low night on sleep yet I awoke just in time to be that discussion that lead to more company.
Be it a naughty adult version of chocolate milk
Be it the network friend who had the positive within the annoying in how the exit was blocked by a car and as the driver was present refused? To move? The wheel chair had to drive all the way around the apartment -but as I photographed the scene? My friend noted that I really was giving it the finger as oops my fingers were in both shots. Hahaha joy within an otherwise hmph.
Be it two bills /errands left changing my address and paying target all the others were quick calls or achieved online! (Yaaay)
What a nice day to be grateful in memories to thoughts and you.



It’s changed.
By Myers Briggs I’m no longer in the e’s but i’s

Or by nature I’m no longer highly extroverted but taught good and well let others bubble over and while I enjoy my corner ;). In blissful peace!


This is to underscore that now what my work interests actually can be! You have a clue how well I may fit this job idea.

Those interests range from clerical to information technology. Helping others achieve their goals… lite laundry as I vividly remember this was a choice versus auto repair which I don’t enjoy as much ;). Along with people care logistics and management.

A strong desire in these for a bit of a puzzle I might solve. Systematically.

Given my work histories in telephone customer service and tech support, volunteer coordination, volunteering with special needs folk from brain injuries to other needs as counselor or activities leadership with its requirements of advocacy and. Planning. This is not a bad result of history or current me.

Even if in a big way this is me hiding not that same sunshine, it’s the here and now

I’m about truly halfway through now the 5 plus months of paperwork and time as I await a specialist visit to legally obtain doctor prescribed adaption and or training recommended services as I’m a General fit for the work I stated I wanted and seek which is above. The services come after and fill the year up if it’s light… if I have to learn a speech reader to office efficiency then I’m shot for 12 additional months at least.

Here we go toward 370 or and inch and a half of paperwork
To cover potential need of services with the near fifty people paid to get me this forward just to improve my chances at gaining a job when I do in fact have a challenge towards it potentially!

2 state agencies serviced by a county divided national organization after quite a bunch of Miss one appointment you’re caput!

Stills feels like I don’t walk forward independently with this much help does it? A lot of mommas skirts to hide under! But realize this is! Independence. Each piece of paper at a time.