By that much!

The following is half a year’s dough for laying down. I myself qualify so very nearly that dang it! I’m a smoker and even quitting while possible just violates a rule if my core- I’m not ultimately changing for anyone! I know I can bathe and dress differently but that’s dress up ! I know better than sadly to expect a true change unless that just miraculously happens — why? Every married fried now most on seconds and thirds etc (Note I get precisely zilch no one just my actual luck). I have seen the I’ll hope they change and immutably the precise opposite occurs if they’re fat and sloppy the win received of marriage validates the giving up trying to catch anyone or worry over those boogers about us… fatter sloppier they became. Or whatever part of themselves at odds with their partner.

I core know this hurts deeply watching helping my joys end. Nothing lasts forever as change is that only constant. But how we proceed is important. I felt I worked invested in the joy of my obviously I’m a fool alone others asked complained fought to be held better all of which? Pushed me away I was but a momentary what If argh! Maybe I was even an asshole! I’m surely not all that and a bag of everyone’s favorite crisps. But needless to say the point

I didn’t quit smoking when it’s price rose. I’m not keen on asthma or bronchitis so alter intake if I’m so gifted heheh but overalls I smoke all 175,000 of them and I’m rather cool being me even if it’d be cooler I’m sure if I quit. Never forget that’s why the majority start – to be cool. Bahahaha if the could see further down life’s road! Just as losing friends of a romantic sort sure smarts but if we aren’t to be then the moments are enjoyed but only were moments (yeah yeah but if so and so only tried bleep! Nope. I tried and the choice was given out in good faith even if I wanted a different outcome.

Same is true about cessation of intakes! We all know we’re not going to get cart blanch to smoke drink etc around youngsters so we don’t! Watch how a simple glass causes misery sometimes! But that said we aren’t changing us just waiting ! All of us know some life must wait! But to truly say I quit forever would be unfair in that I like my vices! I mean I quit for a nesr dry year but funny how I purposely said I just wasn’t not that I had quit I disliked the lie! I caught it anyways! Bahahaha. But did I? Yes actually as if we are expected unfairly of x things that’s personal freedom! To not have this is a sadness from an American pov. This doesn’t mean ignore responsibility. Just that within rules we can choose. One is freedom however limited the other a prisoner thing. This is ideologic. There is nothing wrong with being a good member of family within a community doing our life part for the people either. I just use different ways and means.

But boo to be so close yet so far!

By Starman Jones

Everything and Nothing interests me. I cook read, write and even have to clean. I SHOULD NOTE: I'm 40 something.

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