Skittles ‘n’ beer

The five banking relating and two of three government relating address updates are done with today’s edition of switching talking book library (not the third government duty that’s my voting whatever junk). Leaving only tomorrow to cover the beginning of redoing my insurances.

I could do it now but there isn’t enough coffee and although that isn’t my exact issue, it’s close enough to say without a page on it.

Division of blind services followed up upon. So not much past a week elapses tween this process 🙂

It’s moments like this of a lifetime of big voting that I remember some joys. Like abita’s Hazelnut brown ale or pyramid’s apricot or the ungodly delightful Samuel smith’s raspberry or apricot or chocolate oatmeal stout…. or renegade’s hammer and sickle a Russian imperial stout or the paradox’s raspberry sour – that’s fancying- joys otherwise are moosehead, negro modelo, and that bucket of ice with the asshole (autocorrect ain’t nice) asahi superdry. Benediktiner heffeweissen.

Yes I’m thinking of sandwiches with yummy cheese and a gently saladed crunch. I’m idling through ‘ken burns america’ on Thomas Jefferson curious over why he who is our expression liberty wasn’t free enough to fully express it (was a slave owner yet remember that once obtained it was via a debt it never ever was a simple thing nor economically easy to throw away years of income on ideals only – yet such is a paltry thing to excuse of liberty ;).

I think wine like st julian winery Michigan for blue heron a white. Stone hill winery of Missouri for a Catawba for spicier fare. And what I’d like in what I can afford of Pinot noir. Perhaps nota nighthawk is it? Why that alters sandwiches to some other fare classy. Classier anyways. I mean technically I’m not past can of Campbell chicken noodle and too lazy to beer.

But life is skittles and life is beer – Tom Lehrer from his poisoning pigeons in the park tube. A tune to say spring is here

By Starman Jones

Everything and Nothing interests me. I cook read, write and even have to clean. I SHOULD NOTE: I'm 40 something.

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