Numbers racket

I was listening to a commercial: rocket mortgage by quicken loans … touting savings on high dollar renovation of the home via a second mortgage versus high interest credit cards use.

5500 is what I was promised in 2017 towards a close. Otherwise low down payment and decent rate versus credit. 5500

It’s up to you how much to blow on renovation… if it’s nothing untoward you can see for yourself that cards very much have a place!

But utilizing a calculator brings us to the reality of cost benefit. In an example of 21% ape card with minimum of 3% calculated minimum payment which god help you if you don’t yet understand you’ll remain in debt forever so use more than minimum or you never seem to attack principal 4% is my chosen which gives 148 or 12.x years repayment and generates 35xx.xx dollars interest atop 5k spent.

I’m not sad nor anything but a wisp ready now to pop a joke

It’s about marriage and mortgage not rent and relationships!!! (Hint, 5 k is decorate an apartment money chump!). Bahahaha.

Now stop thinking I underbus my currently not packing mortgage money hahaha self! Anything worth having is worth effort toward and with patience and dedication can be achieved.

Because it is not a joke that many are not in it for more hardships – Even girls don’t respect the bulge up front but the one in the back (sex versus wallet if you don’t get the joke). And it’s not stupid or unfair it’s real life to know to trust a powerful forward in confidence not wishes maybe someday.

If you buy this you ignore the myriads of broke but always involved folk . Hint to see the world is to understand it’s not a numbers racket.

By Starman Jones

Everything and Nothing interests me. I cook read, write and even have to clean. I SHOULD NOTE: I'm 40 something.

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