Lighting Up


Tritium tube good for about 20 years. Radiation is low power/energy beta or electron emissions

(In case you like me say who cares til I can myself buy it!),ss:44&prmd=isnv&prds=num:1,of:1,epd:6709544694089902318,paur:ClkAsKraX_GQ-Dc9Tr3UTHRpGE6GwupskO84Bnkt_SIM16DwSflgHGy_xpeqgkEcda1cRF5qKqVd287QSRxzWykKzh2CSkYdKdIpA4eHk5G4pb222rpL-QR_SxIZAFPVH72UNRC62VpooRyWzaIoYbt3wIIUwA,prmr:1,pid:6709544694089902318,cs:1


Wire, solder, altoids can, that 9 volt style lead. This stuff can be found at ones leisure, the point is that the workings can be had easily enough.

What interests me isn’t that this glows and becomes electricity but that it’s not a heat derived but nuclear emission derived thing.

What’s far more interesting is luciferase achieving this. Diamond encased carbon 14 batteries achieving this and obtaining not possible but usable power (safely)

That intrigues but in a steps to genius way, possible first then graduated safely improved more.
Bio- light via algae

Luciferase in watercress

Forestry ‘shroom-y vid as I came to know the ‘light bearer’ Lucifer… Lucifer-ase is a protein sounding word… and nowadays much is learned attaching luciferase to genes so it’s tracked through experiments as the results pardon the pun do light up 😉

By Starman Jones

Everything and Nothing interests me. I cook read, write and even have to clean. I SHOULD NOTE: I'm 40 something.

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