Another 30 (200 of an expected 360) pages of paperwork towards services to a plan already hopelessly altered from six months ago when I started it. But follow through! Inches! Of paperwork! I’m intook now properly for the second major state service provider to have resources toward work and school. What is next is a vetting process of visiting a low vision specialist for a doctors prescription for adaptive needs to what a blind soul might need . This will be utilized to develop yet another plan toward potential needs. The goal alters from schooling which I’ve to redo at a different school after high care was taken to find the one I wanted yet right on time a wrench of housing affordability minus additional if minor employ to afford it never materialized this – the alteration is, seeking employment first as I need more options and if then attempt at a differing school the original plan. Or if I’m able to, find assistance into a better paying gig and thus dash the plan outright. The sadness is I’ve interest in the plan! It served a core dream – but no cash hinders the dream far more.

As you can see, the picture lists the place behind what is a bigger apartment complex backside of a multi-unit industrial complex… it a disability nightmare to find of no sidewalks continuous, signs opposite side of the street if lucky and a well visible to drivers not walkers sign once you’re there but not until. Of course it drizzled there and back – ahahahaha.

Lunch was subway by convenience. It wasn’t bad but not a grand deal nor mega tasty anymore… the cashier had a shirt saying ‘this is your wrap’. I asked if that meant she gave free hugs? She said if she was in the mood. ;). 😄. Spicy ital on Italian with lettuce tomato onion green pepper olive and pickles with pepper and vinegar. Drink/chips 9.94 which is 2 more than I remember but that’s 2 years ago prices in Colorado

Pinot Grigio delights the cup. It’s acceptable.

By Starman Jones

Everything and Nothing interests me. I cook read, write and even have to clean. I SHOULD NOTE: I'm 40 something.

2 replies on “More.”

Hope THE best plans are in play for you, J-Man! and I hope the plans work out for THE very best for you and your future!

You know I love what you asked the sandwich-cashier! 😀 And her response made me laugh! 😛

The meal sounds yummy! I love all their veggie choices! 🙂
HUGS!!! 🙂

I can laugh at that line in Adam sandler’s Happy Gilmore where he’s like blah leave alone to enjoy this one thing that makes it… (switches to a commercial…cold cut combo! Heheheh. I am more pepperoni addicted so like the spicy Italian but heh. Otherwise it’s old but that leaves the meatball sammich and I can not say I’ve bothered with a roast beef cold in eons as it’s important those are right and in fairness the newer recipes Jimmy Johns bread subway bread (both fresh baked daily) suck anymore for an orgasmic roast beef. – I have blimpys. I have had a passing good firehouse subs roast beef. But it’s been since childhood I’ve had a good cold roast beef sandwich – now I can tolerate Arby’s French dips often wishing only they didn’t put crap to me cheese on it. I still expect I wish to hit up Chicago deli for a real Italian hot beef which obliterates the French dip typical as its custom joy sandwich. I also look up good bakeries and the German pastry place has 5.29 a loaf ryes and such perhaps a great potato 😉 you know a doughnut visit is in order to research ;). I saw twenty times the right biscuit process I can feel occur maybe but I’m a sourdough English muffin soul with poached Canadian bacon which by the way is not just expensive ham ;). But realistically it’s tough buying tools to toss moving. I know I’m allowed to live between this now if pushing after more and being after different aims as I’m in the laters soon enough. I purposely forsakes a pillow to bring a rice cooker on this journey’s open. But so long I chose to live light ;). Hahaha. Hug

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