Pot kettle potshots
Trump: wth is going on in Chicago?

It’s funny that a white guy gets arrested for wearing a mask to rob a bank and this is a video pushing it to national attention as its hateful of blacks as the disguise
Personally, injustice is everywhere. But I would prefer not a national call not to a new mega problem but a variety of strategies to join a solution! in progress

That said watch that 15k folk read this soul he is very much real. Where’s the time honored crooks tell on themselves or crime doesn’t pay or statistics proving despite struggle, there is! Hope ? Not now it’s a felony to protect your rights to record police… or all that’s wrong.

Tell me something right

Tell me a rough neighborhood celebrates a volunteer group 25 years in keeping hope alive in their area… simply there to Get you safely home.

If these folk called for coats wouldn’t you consider donating? 19 is it photographed folk making your life better! Not more fear

If a white bank robber is arrested for impersonating a black person wouldn’t you laugh that otherwise he’d have gotten away but someone told? Why is it some far fetched conspiracy to keep a people down. Versus a celebration of justice another crook goes to chat with the judge for a long time out.

I’m not against #metoo. Speak for yourself and your rights! I’m not against a watchdog of justice ! Show the abuses! But gee, it’s star studded out there. I would like to see one less chief and proof of organization to activism. Where’s the workers ?

But such is? A pot kettle potshot as I’m suggesting back . Not showing a kaleidoscope of choices to engage you just an example.

Why not walk Chicago to drop the gun crime a shooting an hour to less! Show how The next crook gets laughed at before the crime because it’s just not cool to wear masks without purpose. I mean I live elsewhere and am blind so I might not actually be of much help in that exact battle. But instead of a call of how unfair and we should come together, show me that together I can support. Tell me how 15thousand is poverty wages in a year so laugh the loser criminal caught that not only is it Maury to take but it’s sad you still didn’t make enough to support one adult for a year. Show me more of action. Without a bill! But it’s a reality there’ll be a call for support.

By Starman Jones

Everything and Nothing interests me. I cook read, write and even have to clean. I SHOULD NOTE: I'm 40 something.

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