Deck of anwe
This references what throughout upheavals is the cash of angriculture. It’s not a surprise excepting some old world crops like sugar and are in fact economic losers.

There is a lot on quota/youtubery on terraforming but it’s difficult not one source acknowl that it’s corrosive yes but pump seawater for desalination away from ocean as the sea area desalination raises salinity thus causing more problems for local life and global temps. There is also not a lot on saline tolerance of plants as this means lesser solutions of desalination can get costs down . The logic being that to move a economic city worth of water drinkable would mean fighting off misuse and abuses.

Just as a kilo of fentanyl is worth 1.6 million dosed but the same as most drugs wholesale about 6 grand a kilo otherwise…

That brings us to soil compactors a tamper to remove issues of unwanted settling and or airy concrete. 12000 if I want it in India and used or a lawn mower type for a grand.

Book wise:
The book of Kells comes up and to me that brings up tale of Genji as these are intriguing old books/works. One for art – made of a late legend or brightness in the dark ages Ireland that the book of Kells… and a lady’s tale in courts of Japanese circa 1021ad. The art of the Kells book still sees imitation today and eek on a 400 character book where due to courtly manners it was rude to refer to anyone by actual name? Eeeeek.
(Or wiki my understandings)

All of which leave me happy about the biscuit I ate. The concepts of possible thought on and a weird anti angry approach as oft things desired aren’t chosen yet they mean the entire air or water

By Starman Jones

Everything and Nothing interests me. I cook read, write and even have to clean. I SHOULD NOTE: I'm 40 something.

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