So I want a cheap tool and I’ve farmed our more of the specifics to see into it. Effectively I want either a hinged platform to make a drafting station of a table top or a drafting table.

The reason of not just ordering the cheaper solution now is simple, I have this notion I’ve time to see if things I sort of want can not be found cheaper.

I have years of housing ideas that need not forever remain unactionable but become plans or something that can be a plan.

It’s fun if it’s slower to library outings or anyplace with an actual table quiet and time.

It’s kept twenty years no real reason to dash off money wise when often believing in solutions in this case shopping or diy cobbling can get me something just right.

This without always out of season and sale! I can explore less often! But explore still without the excessive destruction to any future which without savings is only harder.

To this end. I also looked up something not a favorite but edible-a biscuit

This is a typed recipe

That’s the looks

Gee guess who knows it seems only ketogenic people nowadays so likely is still stuck buying grands because I just saw the hellish mess that is 😉

The point here isn’t obstacle- it’s also not in spite of obstacles either I simply remember the neat it is achieving cheap and trust me self rising flour is cheap.

Now that sometimes it’s not what it led to but all the doors it shines through. This instead of dough can be a batter!

The apple fritter courtesy of chef John- YouTube

Because to be honest you know I’m looking for a board length of doughnuts to mow down 😉

Peach fritter is the real point but I’m not at lanes orchards cafe. That’s a southern Georgia adventure.

Because any old house isn’t a home… crap how does that Luther vandross song go?

(If you’re curious too)

I mean why house when it’s of no value til it’s home?

By Starman Jones

Everything and Nothing interests me. I cook read, write and even have to clean. I SHOULD NOTE: I'm 40 something.

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