It’s changed.
By Myers Briggs I’m no longer in the e’s but i’s

Or by nature I’m no longer highly extroverted but taught good and well let others bubble over and while I enjoy my corner ;). In blissful peace!


This is to underscore that now what my work interests actually can be! You have a clue how well I may fit this job idea.

Those interests range from clerical to information technology. Helping others achieve their goals… lite laundry as I vividly remember this was a choice versus auto repair which I don’t enjoy as much ;). Along with people care logistics and management.

A strong desire in these for a bit of a puzzle I might solve. Systematically.

Given my work histories in telephone customer service and tech support, volunteer coordination, volunteering with special needs folk from brain injuries to other needs as counselor or activities leadership with its requirements of advocacy and. Planning. This is not a bad result of history or current me.

Even if in a big way this is me hiding not that same sunshine, it’s the here and now

I’m about truly halfway through now the 5 plus months of paperwork and time as I await a specialist visit to legally obtain doctor prescribed adaption and or training recommended services as I’m a General fit for the work I stated I wanted and seek which is above. The services come after and fill the year up if it’s light… if I have to learn a speech reader to office efficiency then I’m shot for 12 additional months at least.

Here we go toward 370 or and inch and a half of paperwork
To cover potential need of services with the near fifty people paid to get me this forward just to improve my chances at gaining a job when I do in fact have a challenge towards it potentially!

2 state agencies serviced by a county divided national organization after quite a bunch of Miss one appointment you’re caput!

Stills feels like I don’t walk forward independently with this much help does it? A lot of mommas skirts to hide under! But realize this is! Independence. Each piece of paper at a time.

By Starman Jones

Everything and Nothing interests me. I cook read, write and even have to clean. I SHOULD NOTE: I'm 40 something.

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