The eyeballs say enjoy anniversorry – 7 here now.

I stared at a lot of pictures over eval likely part one of litehouse intake for blind services/rehab including signing up for blind service (fl division of).

Before the phone showed black I saw myself to the chili peppers for recipe time (camarones a la diabla)

I got a lot of mail

I returned to a lunchbox (cocktail – man mimosa as a lotta gals call them)

The best sight was the glare off the bay on the way to town.

Sloppy strolls down amnesia lane? Must I?


A wrinkle

Ten off noon and bring brrrring goes my phone (un caller I.d.’ed no less) to say Jennifer is canceling my 2pm appointment for tomorrow. I had the presence of mind from dead of nap to ask after miss HA’s 11am intake? Still on. So without fail I must yet again part with more cash and sleep to be up and out twice for one multipronged appointment which is an evaluation for voc /rehab which if you remember is not much help with school which for other reasons will likely not come off yet still the murder of finding out why I fight for this came about idley researching with tax incentive tied directly in my case to a rehab referral to work which then garners upto 4 k in savings to hire me. Or you best bet this still is important.

I need reality I have to hit my pobox and the old hostel to check for my mail – slovenly as I am about mail! Next why I’m not screaming about cost savings is because you know when the ball bounces you just deal with it as to complain is risking not getting a 4 k tax incentive to hire me. Add to this the intuition that this place I go is a major deal of localized services and networking- I might not wish to appear cheap crabby uncooperative when I could find opportunities. And atop the business of my day and locations expected there is now time to grab lunch. But do not be misled, I’m trying to find the adventures or joy if you will. And laugh at the knowing illness called romantic weekending vacationing which I might get the skinny on cool joints! But heh or the oh my what a flu just in time for the holidays!! Hahaha… never know.

My choices lunch are legion
There is urban cantina
Downtown tacos more or less the good kind
There is eddy & sams nyc pizza. Which might have that really good eggplant Parmesan by the slice or a bit of the meat as I’m jacked around my house by the one dislikes cheese and the other went vegetarian. Ugh. Not the people just one less shot at GOOD pizza 😉

That’s downtown. Arcing back and forth I might get up to Taco Bell Oo.

Or if a bit more stephappy the block before my post office is hoodville but there is bbq.

The real patience sees me through the pobox check to to start to the hostel which leaves antijittos Columbia’s fare if you remember the deep fried whole yummy fish.

At hostel itself there is also in the walk Ming garden Chinese and or bar food at the shuffleboard bar… it’s possible.

If I hit up my mail and Bali’s! I have a copshop breakfast place wings not great by rep chili’s bk McDonald’s Wendy’s Denny’s and a wholefoodstype store or Walmart to champion up stuff. One simple bus then I’m on the outgoing spot to catch my across bay ride home also a shopping center
Publix deli Taco Bell Dublin doughnuts there.

Now if I really wish to push it there is a burger place/spot near the hostel as well
A family dollar if one is dying for pot noodle and a wank which given that today is v-d and all about together? Hee hee joys abound as do lunch chances



When it seems pretty much ugh? Where is the choosing joy?

wish your lil nephew via momma a happy birthday.
Scheme how much t.p. Goes in the freezer
Do laundry (I mean yeeee hawww!! But later more joy may arise of it’s having been done 😉 )

Personally, I adore the sopes here but this is joys food In case you’d like a location and a wider puroosal

Will I get it like “home” no but I’m sick of expecting Rembrandt redemptions. When I manage the joy trying and if luckier hitting a few out of the park… I mean you try red beans and rice without the right sausage and red beans you’ll eat but you’ll still hit up Popeyes… but if you start getting a good chorizo when audoille is tougher to find? Well you’ll know. You’ll also start smelling the history if your life.

Guajillo chili dried
Chili de Arbil dried

Rehydrating the peppers

This is not because I can’t put water on a dried thing! It’s because maybe I want to show when it’s time to cook… a picture is worth?

21 bucks not including shipping if hosed into utilizing is a lot! Of chili!! So, adobada!! link

Yes that’s two vastly non veg offerings and stuff you can get through dinner and utilizing dried stuff like?

A native!

Yeah veggie sushi dies a death as I have to collect tools and junk.. just as this despite ease as it’s a fast thing to take precooked store shrimp rinsed and sauce them as presenting above…. but same think a feel of cost to remind me to be careful to choose joy joyfully but not toss a future alone my way because I’m too stupid to realize important things in order


Pariah life!

Do you ever get a bit of a redirect then a cold then nothing you say doesn’t like magic draw the pitchfork and torch club to invite you with a welcome? (Very unwelcome)

Well welcome to pariah life

I’m not of your every experience nor do I subscribe to every diet going and I’m still here many decades a sinner into this.

First I catch heck because I read Khalil Gibran for years and got a gift of him on cd from a friend. Along the way I catch hold of the area cultures and this entirely poisons my enjoyment of the words…. well right on schedule this acolyte comes in like I’m you’re latest dumbass as he Khalil kibran is not Muslim but a rare Christian sect of his once Lebanese home… and thus ignores every word I said to share some bombshell proof he’s not what I may have thought? That’s on par with driving around town with gore posters on a van of abortion to be anti abortion… it’s the vinegar of views
Now later I mention a yay to a favorite store and my response is how dare I mention a store sell candy when she uses it for health food. Pariah. I guess so and so is the hot poster dead poet guy (Khalil Gibran is like the third best selling poet considering Shakespeare and Lao tzu (I guess rumi is dog food.). And god help any dieting soul be thin as candy is the devil. American style Chinese high in sugary sauces… Chinese not eating rich foods have a very high longevity and health until western type living brought kfc and thus diabete case in point it’s fast food will soundbite kill… actually not true improper eating does it moderation differs for all and just because I experience something pariah or not does not diminish my voice!

I start wavering on this road leaning that certain compounds contained within lionsmane mushrooms may improve as in actually restore mylan sheath (near e in us which is similar to major diseases with no cure or hope now having a limited hope of restoration praise be to the lord (I’m not being entirely facetious). Yet have you sat 4 hour lectures/sales pitches on healthy multi level marketing opportunities? I have. Forgive me if I’m skeptical of me or anyone without a degree randomly healing themselves for full price actually out of pocket health aids webmd said is like a pill they otherwise would take under supervision of health care pros. (Marjoram essential oil is a diuretic thus by it’s nature lessen water retention aiding kidney issues right? This less water will mean less pressure this is good! It cost 20 bucks ish a 15ml bottle of which 10-15 drops drops being a legal if imprecise measurement equal one milliliter. So 150-225 drops are the quantity I think I might make 2 bucks out of the sale if I sold…. I used to young living essential oils and they then cost double. Yay price drop! But here’s a point— in that oil is that it’s a tranquilizer and muscle relaxant. No big deal unless you work and can’t couch lock til the drugs wear off. This is some of the fun of oils but a drawback another is the toxicity versus metabolisms which I’ll be honest 2-3 hours and it’s usually gone but how often must or should I reside? I never in 20 years learned that! Doesn’t mean oils suck
Just might not be my salvation!

As to getting along oh I supposed wanh no one likes the doghouse of social dealings but it comes barking out of us or biting us. I guess some wish to winge on a diet or their favorites as I winge on whatever’s… Hee hee

Pariah life because I’m me hahaha


$2* rummin’

The following doesn’t list recipe but ideas and drink source/trivia

Macadamia nut rum & blanco

Sammy's Beach Bar Rum Red Head 70 Proof 750 ml

Note that orange curaçao is not! Available via this liquor source and that we are NOT talking blue curaçao !!!

Picture of ‘an’ orange curaçao

Pineapple juice,

Sour (mix)

Coconut WATER
Ice cubes

Difference of triple sec vs curaçao? Technically zero.

For base of
Glass with ice if presenting nicely – garnish perhaps with orange wedge and lime

Pineapple juice
Sour mix
Curaçao/triple sec
Coconut water
In a shaker shake your booty and bounty
Straining into glass

Top with macadamia nut rum for a swirling reddish cloud

Are we having fun yet
Sammy Hagar
$1.99 used,+Low&sourceId=PLAGoNA&dpid=tdtve346c&2sid=Google_m&gclid=CjwKCAiAy-_iBRAaEiwAYhSlA65fScMGIX4GPcHKpa7u55puLaK4Oeb6quGWqDOV_MR2IoRfdTwuABoCu5cQAvD_BwE

The flambé shrimp looks nice
In that it specifically just cooks shrimp not yucky hard edgy bits over cooked.



What do you do when you just know retail therapy is coming?

I investigate the reward points on my amazon card?

Before this is a reality, it’s worth testing how desirable it is after letting it rest. So as it takes long enough to figure out the why/what’s, heres the list and I’m not necessarily sticking to it!

Vegan Dynamite Rolls

Fried mushroom sushi.

Suggests king black oyster mushrooms
It’s not long into this list when I see limiting options of kit grow your owns… I’m sure I can. Mildew can grow! But… Ug… that’s hang time.

So blue oyster mushrooms…

You know what’s coming right?

Yep blue oyster cult’s blue oyster cult roughly 55:23 for we understand, we understand (blue oyster cullllt)




Grub (eating) game
Via understanding ‘das glastenspiel’ hesse’s glass bead game novel which interests me to read translates that way but the Hellen Keller water moment is that glockenspiel a percussion instrument translated as bell game. Wood block bell? Shakes head.

The game is to think sensuality orgasmic! Then drop a lemon or monkey wrench of the different in. As the name is food, let’s think upon this like hiding medicine in something or vegetables… same thing!

As haiku limits the words and thus can’t easily work a description then dash it! Let’s limmmmmmmerick sabbath

So take thee rhymes good A list stuff now and let’s then b: bedevil it.

Brownie… frowning, resounding, foundling, drowning,

Broccoli /green
Broccoli chocolatey monopoly colostomy, schlock-rhyming

Why oh why should I be frowning
When oven gifts me the brownie
But bitch of it is broccoli
Is in that confection chocolatey
Bliss it isn’t for snack time downing.

Concept from Seinfeld on oprah helping to promote his sisters book on sneaking veggies in.


Now how about you play along! Gimme three at least five if you’re feeling smart! And let’s grub!
Broccoli brownies/Pinterest

(Picture of a very specific flower)

Yeah I skip the haiku achoo in favor of peace