Where did it go?

First picture is either the map to something no longer in business and the other is guessing games yummy bday food.

The business is an old Chinese restaurant I went with sis and her husband he remembered as good… he tried another we liked so it was a share thing…. after dannycash hotsauce shopping which also moved. (

The (pictured as in ooo caught me eye!) dinner was lamb lollipops with grape tomatoes – laugh as I see such little gardening that I didn’t identify this! Bahahaha. This is also with mini avacado toasts rolls and prosciutto wrapped shrimps. I happen to find this Canadian presentation stunning (mrs j young at a family gathering)
That Chinese restaurant I’m talking about had one of these type entrances. It’s odd that like kings fork Wyatt’s cafeteria furs cafeteria etc automata! Largely this is a highly dated architectural inclusion meant to convey old school wealth… I’m almost tempted to rewatch Milan to see if the par family had one. Subtleties!!!

Next while looking up the restaurant extent where I think the one I’m thinking of was, I read old Chicago – Guinness has 4.2%abv and that struck me as such is precisely the same as bud light abv. So too is coor’s light. Sensible low compared to the 8.1% abv. of steel reserve are beer only to regret. 😉

It occurs I’m vibing badly and have been poorly for years. No surprise abundant success has come as a plateful of yummy chaos in a heartache drizzle. It seems if so that’s going tomean the peace comes only with the rest of the scene devastated and whatever it is I’ve resisted. Ooo yummy! 😁

By Starman Jones

Everything and Nothing interests me. I cook read, write and even have to clean. I SHOULD NOTE: I'm 40 something.

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