It’s fun having a vague clue where things might be from.
Fishmeal- it’s ridiculous it took this long to find any answer as in days yet it’s bandied about like everyone knows?
I didn’t

Not all shrimp are equal: wild shrimp vs. farmed shrimp

You do need to care but how often caring means wallet? I understand.

Link: where fishmeal often! Is from

Now understand I don’t have a wasted table average for USA fishing trim… a natural source and consequence of our desire for fish…
Not knowing that element and also thus how much herring must be ground and sold at any price versus purpose caught is where I can’t argue with the assertions put forward that farmed seafood like shrimp in particular which equal a loss in protein that fed to what’s harvested. Thus by proxy being wasteful are all of a sudden polluted thus wild caught would be superior? Job loss mentioned right up there with lesser yield and harder harvesting thus more workers and thus higher cost food? Hmn. I pay for food too.

Next on my list of secretive… I often fight an obvious sense of badness intuited by free wheeling life as it comes etc. I’m fussy as I know it’s a lot of oomph for zilch return without expectation and expectation while not denying freedom does balance two things at odds otherwise. Respect of effort versus freedom to say thanks for the free milk I have no need of a cow, thanks. Or to be blunt when is it fairly obvious it’s a dead thing? Now I’m not a stranger to finding out life alters in instants forever or dramatically! I can’t seem to count how often I’m to say I love you with the after tail for all it matters which changes nothing. Yet I can count how it’s no longer a forever as I await release – now I pipe up. Wrong it may be to bring vinegar to anything requiring sweetness! But important it is. It’s important as I suspect it’s clear that to trust I’ll fall into the magic of respect otherwise being zero I fight for a bit. My most infuriating is to see joy given out proving of value not being returned to me. It’s a choice. But watch how well I lose without my fair due. What where no expectations leads. It leads to only another with the not obviously mine prize… did I deserve that? Silly question in one sense. There is no ‘fair’ in life or love…. not if it’s to be free or have meaning. But when it’s clear it’s not gone my way when must I see all in play is an addiction set to what is thought but not obviously there and also when must I suffer the ease it failed as that’s ok let’s be friends? Meaning everything the same except you are aced out. Yet remain happy all I hoped after occurred I e friends and an improved stability yet all that alters was me. Easy thing saying that it’s no big deal if we buy every lie we tell.

Next is the joke if this is in anyway true I’ve a problem! It’s dumb because only I’m the one with a problem and the only one losing. It’s far easier in print not the heart’s language heh to be grateful something came. That’s a beautiful joy. Ahh how laughable it leaves fast!

How silly to care about me. I’ll do it to hell freezes over as I am L’Oréal or I am worth it.
Should’ve titled this as indolence as is petulant

By Starman Jones

Everything and Nothing interests me. I cook read, write and even have to clean. I SHOULD NOTE: I'm 40 something.

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