Deja dragon vu

I have the card- special discount- I have a reasonably free day… Deja vu, anyone? Yes note the conveyance door to door thus drink up and or feel freeee to be looney.

Click to access cat-100718.pdf

Click to access route-4-021818.pdf

2.25, 2.25 for the two routes is 4.50 each way – 1.10, 1.10 is with card

Weather if you care
You don’t have to patronize these folk but their lobster bisque is good and it’s a helpful place to understand in that it’s also your ride point home! (Cat pickup)

Further down this street is a biker bar if you need ambience.

6.24p is sunset it mayn’t be a full moon but it shall be a big one.

(Or if you follow the schedules – 9th and gulf and go well that’s all well and useless what about a landmark?)

Dragons, Deja vu? Well the time I most associate going to passegril is for sunset and single malt scotch. The dragon is easy enough to sort out when I mention I’m a Chinese zodiac tiger and my companion a dragon. I am tempted to skip the scotch as I could try a fancy brandy (armagnac) Because I know you too want budget beach too!
In case you want to justify so goofy in your snoot! Small batch stuff distinctive! First! Blah blah blah
Oops wrong memory that’s baklava pronounced by American hooligans 😁

Realistically I’m unlikely to hoot it up all fancy spirits but it’s an option just the same way a modest picnic is which is a two block walk to the trolly then and on my way from Publix down town st Pete.

Total walk required is six blocks at most not all at once reasonable accommodations for those of devices required living. It’s your choice how sandy you wish to get 😉

Or washed up.

By Starman Jones

Everything and Nothing interests me. I cook read, write and even have to clean. I SHOULD NOTE: I'm 40 something.

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