Never gonna get it Not This Time. (En Vogue)

Things I just don’t understand
ROI- romance!

I understand a portion of money returned from fees and promotions… but 3-5% off dating is still spending 95-97% for it so the incentive notion is kinda lost to me — just as is the curiosity of why this romance would improve if it were discounted….

In a world of paradox I’m best off if I never am bothered or angered? Okay I admit it it’s less than fun to sit under the sun lamp of another’s ire. But in a way if I’m never provocative or provoked whatever is the point? Am I to fake emotion that junior ran into the street without due caution? Then admit I actually don’t care? If I’m not moved – there is little point. It’s just ingenuity.


Fries with a burrito.

Click to access 10.11.18_RamsHornMenu.pdf

One the green top burgers/international is chimichanga-a fine Mexican styles treat… with Fries? I do not understand this combination at all. You’re weird Detroit, just plain weird.

By Starman Jones

Everything and Nothing interests me. I cook read, write and even have to clean. I SHOULD NOTE: I'm 40 something.

6 replies on “Never gonna get it Not This Time. (En Vogue)”

I tttttt try but fries in a burrito???? Shakes his head. (Admits he likes a good egg and potato burrito which is going to destroy the credibility of this beef I have with burrito and fries

Well? Let’s lather up a proper breakfast! I try to avoid just bananas coffee it raises my potassium level overly. I like me toast butter sweets but they do not like me not even one moderate slice! I know it pains the American carnivores of a classics nature I don’t opt this for cereal and think yogurt is about a dietary sin which I like I might add fruit on the bottom preferring blueberry sometimes black cherry…. so my favorites of all time cinnamon-y life, frosted mini wheats strawberry bits with almondy crunchy flakes etc. I just am not big on cereal… boo. Hot cereal gets very old very fast. Yum but not for long. The fried egg affairs— oh I like them but at 1200 calories that’s my daily food intake nearly so the blame breakfast doesn’t see me sitting to it often which is why I’m a buck sixty nearly not two and a quarter. Or in truth I don’t have a breakfast in mind save deconstructed big ones now small like the breakfast on a biscuit or English muffin yum! Still caloric and dense but half a Denny’s the booth is your chair if you’re a regular. ;). I still believe in pancakes though diabetes says I’m an idiot to. Mmmm – and despite the calories I don’t find liquid breakfast tasty.. diet shakes are yummy but as I don’t uptake their vitamins correctly I sadly do not get the royal chocolate fudge slurp the suds down sumptuousness. While I admit I like to make them I prefer not muffins ever by comparison to say a banana bread. Mmm. What do you think of breakfast?

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