Hope when there isn’t any

The following shows you just a little bit of the thought and feeling behind simple stuff and how easy it is to be daunted when certain simple things are not. Simple.

Remember any leg up is a blessing or some advantage and yay if any help to shine is out there. If you don’t, I must- no joke the merest whisper of attitude shuts these niceties all out.!.

This link discusses how to complete an irs form 8850. This is be eligible for the employER to gain a discount of up to nearly $10,000 for a disabled vet hired or $2400 for the other disadvantaged employment seekers in the USA labor system.
I have maybe and I mean maybe one lonely hope of qualifying for this credit/incentive. I have an active voc rehab account even though I have a distinct feeling I’m going to face a start of schooling setback thus invalidating the plan. Otherwise I get the wrong aid pushing out of every other qualification as I make too much to ever otherwise qualify.

I fought to get a voc-rehab account . Maybe. I can with an employers interest get a referral up so if I make 120 hours the company gets an incentive for making us work. Maybe.

This is what is called hope when there isn’t any — not because I’m out of luck but because I must roll forward believing in now two things neither guaranteed to get one thing and not look a liar. Which is hire me 40% first 120 hours up to 2400 off (25 savings actually nearly entirely eliminating employer taxes on my income or with four of me the year insurance quote for a small business

Yet as you see the details as possible white knuckles things as I’m counting on others giving me my own “rights.” (Please understand an oversimplified lification thus falacy of rights… it’s my right as a society voted offer! Offer! This offer is designed to help but as resources are forever thin it’s coming with supervision to make damned sure it’s purpose is upheld… rehab as a mission is not! Get one a job but get one fully self sufficient – so while it’s available any job is good it’s not to milk the system for more but be entirely free as is as soon as practicable and within defined rules and reason… so yes it’s a right but one should be careful to understand upfront what and why and fight accordingly! To exercise these benefits and not silly ass pay me now when I get what I want I’ll cut ya back oh no no no nope sorry ain’t happening it’s a defined plan and proper reasonable goals !… but such is life that when you must fight from less any gained advantages is seized and grown! But that’s not the gov benefit way!! They offer forward one two three bootski we’ve done our bit correctly and legally not helped boost up frauds and or cheats. But that’s logistics of no! Faith is somehow believing forward that this is that from the beginning and making it come true helped! Even!!! Not damn them I best get what I want or they robbed me purposely held me back (damn right they can choose not to waste even a tax incentive on my hopes which costs nothing and shows positive successful unemployed to employed! Beefing their bottom lines.!. But this is what it’s like to ask not be in command and remember it’s on on me if I succeed or fail not in any way their fault yet somethings they have I need and I don’t get to go and take! —- that’s what rights mean here — or in English be care how you realistically access a job offer in today’s times where sure at full time no matter the wage it’s considered appropriate to try yet! Consider real life in our real costs and that no one is handing jobs out and full time is earned and part time never is guaranteed full or anything so simply getting any job is suspect to my benefit and mission structure next many jobs can be eventually good but in reality are low wage and hours to start as the risk is enormous not in money lost but hassles of getting rid of people disliked right to work or! Not states as the point is paying unemployment which if someone is dismissed erroneous to these rules the company pays workmans comp . Now with that said it’s a right in that up until ex numbers how aid and employment work I get my taxes back. So remember well I must have a job offer perched paperwork to gain if possible a referral so as to qualify for a credit which is like all things designed up front to make one more tastey to hire. But look well at how that’s fought and with who -it’s not guaranteed yet without this think fast how advantage evaporates! It is NOT a quick phone call it’s a variety of forms 😉 with all of a sudden work of vetting my progress yes over a tax credit! Toward success… it is within this you can see why it’s difficult to fight multiple battles one getting to be advantageous in the search, actual work of the job as the incentive is paid after achieving it. Not along the way. So too early a inquiry gets one a hey I need money not a tax rebate next year. With this in mind remember this is where disability comes into play. It’s an idea of usefulness. If I don’t look it, I’m not hired and guess what that is entirely legal- not liking my qualifications is not discrimination it’s to me to prove I can do x,y,z and then stand how well I fit their team or needs! It’s a whole lot when others need only say rightly I do not have time to spend playing games for employees! So realize I am now that guy fully prepared to take time proving what is or is not visible based on prior employment experience or history doing not wanting! This is rights one oh one and why I all along my way employ others to aid me yet they’re salaried and I not guaranteed squat. This is how stop it all what is frustrating forward. A fair shake still legally applied is not a fair shake at all but humiliating long winded as remember most size others in a look heh. Now be grateful and humble as I am not tolerated to complain if the gift others immediately feel they bestow with this process which you must see can be difficult needlessly. All for a discount on my pay… which by it’s nature evaluates me instantly less. That’s rights and upstanding folk say bitch about the treatment after you’re employed pride pays zero an hour )

By Starman Jones

Everything and Nothing interests me. I cook read, write and even have to clean. I SHOULD NOTE: I'm 40 something.

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