When I’m cool with that

A pan teardrops called hope –
watering within their sauna
Carry meaning evoked

Half and half chuck mince, mild Italian sausage mix with an egg, salt, onion powder dusting and a half sleeve crunched cracker dust main to hold it together are mixed rolled foiled and ivening away 35-40 minutes predated 350f oven

Results, mix/match meatballs that brown on the bottom


(Hint, all media in meatballs swells so if you get lazy! Like you see I have of making this dust not just crumbles small?  Cracker chunks about HUGE will manifest.  60 minutes in case you want last directions)

My strange turn in conversation I deserve and say thank you for as the toothache of my souls hopes eases. Whether it’s not my time
Or I lost forever or even deserve my fate, bless the memories and the impetus here to live alive and dream again. It does sting if that helps as I remember the words and it seems fair they changed as I believed in them. I am glad as it’d be sad if there weren’t meaning😃. So whether I’m right or I’m right and believe be aware I’m likely to be, hug. May I see the second best you can ever hope for come true. Kinda like me making meatballs for a picnic I won’t have and or the spaghetti you can afford better.

The beautiful south sings it well – I’ll sail this ship alone

By Starman Jones

Everything and Nothing interests me. I cook read, write and even have to clean. I SHOULD NOTE: I'm 40 something.

2 replies on “When I’m cool with that”

Hey now.!. Sediments oops sentiments ;). Naw really if I’m any good in my world I need become as the sun and moon not inhuman but careful that how I react lasts. I do in a sense read a lil bible in which to be reminded by nice friends wishing me my comforts and clues that yeah hahaha on this or that. Be joyful as I am aware and possibly understanding — this costs nothing and promotes betters moments.

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