its 4:54 am.  I begin writing a blog and search tapestry twirlers colors words weaving into my morning.  Chevrolet offers big truck engines at 454 cubic engine inches.  As with arguable facts, Chevy is blue collar king of the road of the small timers.  I’ve completed my dishes about house.  I’ve earl grey going tepid which had no room for cream as I greeeeeedily hit the ten oz fills thus left no room if I wanted to brew my tea.  I’m out to sign an ‘ipe’ for state services/aid as I got to bed at a reasonable nine 30pm to awake just before four am the just enough to get by rest.  I dream of doughnuts.  No no not Barbara eden in ‘I dream of Jeannie’ 60’s sitcom tv. Although I’d cuss if I got honey do!’d to redecorate the living room to be a genie bottle!  (Not likely but it was a plywood trick set you climbed into… I don’t wanna pour myself into a living room! Oh yes I do soup of the da!  Whiskey with frozen water croutons. Heheheh… do you ever feel a bit part of an earlier social construct?  Doughnuts tea or coffee the working man’s tools… knowing that a doughnut breakfast could mean steaks by coal red light for dinner?  A couple of arm chair anchors both furniture and the furniture in the furniture….  baked potato and a lil onioned green beans?  Vaporous as it is vacuous chatter prayers amended by apple pie?… mainly to mean ones expected to have the diabetic catnap by the tv like the naptime in kindergarten once forelling of life.  It’s okay to dream of doughnuts although I’m a bad American for drinking tea not the holy righteous coffee.  I guess I need to believe… but that belief is a tummy ache mixing tea and coffee!)


This is a very old movie that isn’t likely copyrighted so that it’s non centered as to beat copy algorithm?  Heheheh. You will see the Clark gable which eating a carrot is cartooned? Into bugs bunny later.  And get a lesson in doughnuts:)

this is apropos of a golden time right  40 before I got here. Even if doughnuts and Chevy is still here and my morning con-patriotic tea

By Starman Jones

Everything and Nothing interests me. I cook read, write and even have to clean. I SHOULD NOTE: I'm 40 something.

3 replies on “Chevied”

ATMs at a city bus station… who are you fooling? It’s x fees from the bank and the terminal and! You still don’t have proper change… while the next isn’t always true it is partially!! Dollar coins are not always recognized either so in effect you will visit that atm to now go purchase something not from vending elsewhere. I visit the ma of high powered education to see I’m sent not to blind services but a developmental disabilities place? Wrong service. Another 1/8 inch of paperwork and a minor reason why it’s inch after inch of it to ask a question… or gain access to provided aids. And god help you if you display frustration!!! It’s your job to smile gratefully while people help you! I of course don’t much mind as it might serve someone and it’s not beyond my life needs to know what and who helps (previously an interim director of activities at a nursing home which while not exactly going to require developmental disabilities needs, knowing who they are may aid helping aging populations gain help.). Yet Hahahaha now this mythic place for helping me has a snack bar in the building! So as it’s on the building directory… it’s always in ones mind. Maybe that’s the foul up… but most fun of all is to hit this place and see no.!.? Door handles? All wheelchair buttons! Thankfully that was noticed as it’s a heck of a fright to walk to an otherwise locked door.

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