This indicates a fairly well contained and maintained rig and conditions saying even still there’s so seriously tricky bits of lacking certainty in life and that is metaphorical.  Go get your vomit bags.

This is an application of using liquid air.  There is a large variation of performance within how the end result is produced.  And yet much control is exercised in precisely offering the uncertain later range of performance.

i was curious about the liquid nitrogen cartridges for some newer generation aerosol cans as CFC are hideous to our ozone and yet we can not live with conveniences.  I was curious because the more you meter a specific amount the more predicted work can come of it.  Engines run upon the expansion of heat be that liquid air coming to safely contained pressures to spin an engine or gas burning to produce hot air vroom vroom!  Nitrogen can expand 696 times ish thus a very small variation of quantity can double unsafely it’s containment and yet down to the sized puff of air, using only so much to achieve the work means less time refilling.  But I return to the problem not of possibilities but control


nitrogen in water bottles topped up removes water and gives us that safe shooshed sound of sealed food and beverages.  Yes liquid nitrogen just a droplet and it’s capped safely pushing out oxygen or spoilage and we’ve comforting life.  But


as you’ll read and or notice?  There’s no accurate control.  Just flows not a more tangible touch.


lately ive ran upon the fuels intuition to be alive and some of the worsts for me are certain sadnesses yet why they’re sad I can not quite handle/measure.   What’s making this not just a fart sound of airvescaping a balloon ewwwww metaphorically is an odd notion that this both must be shhh don’t i worry yet do assert to be growing my own sense of respect! – but don’t worry.  Joy is present so too soo a lesson in patient power.


So no- there is little certainty to measuring accurately the atmosphere to sterile utilize heat.   There is uncertainty.  It means there will be costs inherent.

fishey business risk

By Starman Jones

Everything and Nothing interests me. I cook read, write and even have to clean. I SHOULD NOTE: I'm 40 something.

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