I have 11 days for folk to contact me on scheduling what amounts to a GED test?  I graduated high school and have a decent ACT score atop which have college credit with a c average within that times studies…. but I apparently need a GED?  11 days to have this signed by them .  This test isn’t used for the school I wish to attend either.  It’s thus red tape to shuffle me out of their hair.

Why? This agency is how you get job tools.  This agency being governmental also is your watchdog of rights.  So to be shuffled means I have no help towards tools or info helpful.  I can go this entirely unsupported.

The worry was there wasn’t enough time?  Um I filed for on september’s Third week for roughly six months prior to classes beginning which is march’s 3rd week.


Needless to say: there’s a closing coming as I gain no aid here and must proceed elsewhere.  This will be a delay.  Atop this I will need to move to keep boosting my future financially which destroys this attempt schooling as I must transfer addresses ruining my residency status so I get my medication access.    It’s a year to another chance to save the cash for tool stuff because obviously I need look to myself.  Hahaha so much for that first grand idea forward!  Hahahahaha. Never underestimate red tape


now from a practical point of view— the agency is USA states level division of vocational rehabilitation.—- you need the following things :

proof of eligibility

yes you can use the service no matter who you are!  But I warn that your priority is legally low if you’ve no disability or military service.  This reason is to be arrested by a competent liscensed professional.  If you’re blind eye doctors certifying this for instance.  If you have health challenges  doctors specific written diagnosis of this.  I warn you that doctors charge for this cash money not covered by insurance!  So if you require aid getting even this much you will go to their experts or pay for your own.    Next: if you have any disability in learning you must bring that in certified by liscensed professionals  this is curious in that I have an entire schooling from preschool through high school graduation in special needs programs meaning I saw add/adhd said of me often! But guess what?? No one certified this as a diagnosis ever.  So to compound my issues I have maybes out there and lazy people not willing to chase anything but certainties.     Then of course funding!  This isn’t free money so if you want help show assets and full financial vetting to see how you get and how much.  Atop this it is imperative that you can identify the tools you specifically need and where to procure them and what costs.  This also means services too.  You’d now have to choke that with this effort, what good are these agencies if this is my work and what real help are they?  Don’t go having a bad attitude now!  They are trained experts! 😉

this lesson in frustrating services is a reality of disability.  Not always do people want to help or occasionally there is a possibility that they can not help.  Keeping your chin up watching delays and treatment come is difficult— yet consider why people go to where there is help by reputation!!  Because this is also a reality that. Months go by.  Months and you’ll wake to nothing is done.


this is the level of support sometimes out there.  Being offended  is a great way to be asked to leave as they don’t need your grief.

The amusing thing here is my intended school offers tabe testing Friday all day test which is available minus any accommodation as I must have services to gain that ;). And that would cover their proof of requirements for service minus my later health issues just blindness as it there upon proof of ssdi received case  blah blah blind.  Haha easy stuff ;). That would leave me to write how I need the counseling by them   Lotsa counseling (budgeted need of their pay) and then if she wishes it ammended she doesn’t have to sign and time runs out.  Yes that’s if you see me force my will. Past such jerks ;). Basically they don’t have to help and that’s the bottom line.  There is enough excuses to cover ones behind. (Save job).


This is tax money by the way.  Cushiony government work.

By Starman Jones

Everything and Nothing interests me. I cook read, write and even have to clean. I SHOULD NOTE: I'm 40 something.

11 replies on “Figuring”

Thank you for the hope – but alas this attempt failed. It does not matter if I complete the left over and added unfairly needlessly requirements- to do so means I have no support so I am left to let this close and go where they do believe in helping. It is frustrating I suppose but a blessing too as I know now not when I count upon them to be betrayed.

Thanks but this guy is pretty much throwing in the Florida towel. I have a short time of free rent and a generous discount if one I suspect is leaving must. This is cash help when the hostel played itself pretty much out. I don’t think here as a failure but it is a touch depressing to sense it came to its end and the
Original hope is not secured. And these back up plans like job school hahaha fancy that. I mean I will but ugh for this being less than helpful

I can not imagine any reason you need a GED if you have a college diploma. I would question that. I assume they have all your transcripts? I do know they will often have you take proficiency tests in math (algebra really) and English. Maybe if you’ve been out of school a long time. I couldn’t read everything… Work. Good luck!

I have transcripts but only 30 some credits college no degree. But the issue is this —- you must have a valid 2003/4 or newer only Florida high school diploma or be in the military where your entrance is tested heavily for scholastic rigor. Otherwise prove college degree. I thus graduating in Colorado in 1993 high school nevermind standing in college must take a skills test. My issue is the school won’t utilize the test this agency requires at all! This lady still insists on it and supposedly someone sill contact me and they don’t my deadline is 1/18 so in reality it’s clear she deliberately has zero interest in my case and is chosen asdininely or perhaps purposefully to be an obstruction versus an aide.

I agree – it sounds like she is trying to be an obstacle. I didn’t precisely realize there were rules like this. It was 20 years later when I went back for my associate’s degree. They had me take a math test and English test. … Sometimes I think about going back to school myself. 🙃

Mom brings up the point of the effort in place at a time of cutbacks in humanitarian aid that she being ever hopeful I be the best and most I can… to fight it even knowing my reason here to go anywhere is to have a life to enjoy not a whispered prayer of charity of life – of which believe you me I’m grateful but greedy too! I want more! So despite the seeming likelihood it’s a wasted effort as moving destroys this effort in complete havoc – I’m advised to get everything as far as I can as it’s gotta look better later than oh oops yet again life wasn’t followed through on. — plus I can gain that twilight chance at work that even minimum is a bout the same thing without any need to move at all

I thought your mind was made up to move and you had some things sorted out for that? ….. Which does make me ask – are you going to classes online? … Some people and organizations just truly want everything done by the book with all i’s dotted and t’s crossed.

It’s difficult to teach welding via strictly online learning. No this is a at school class. — next I’m not wealthy so it’s very much a push to have came at all! And a fine but of luck I survive the time here. Gratitude for many who helped. So with that in mind, when I say it’s a simple function of forward in life, I mean I need work to survive here and move for school. If that doesn’t call then any offers furthering my cause get considered – mom let me remember I’ve sat out ever obstacle so far so calling it now is not having my usual last second salvation of faith! But keep in mind it’s tempting to hope I get closer to my offers legit to have a life mine or ours if I’m to be multiples of interest… part of anyways. It’s tempting to get straight to living but school might bring a life better than I can muster now. So all but in Colorado is true I am that close to towel tossing. It’s that much of a fight yet 😉 there’s a small glimpse of hope. I’m just one test from fafsa long approved so basic skills test the school version and I’ve ssdi to show I’m blind so filing for help independent of rehab is possible as is hope it might work out… yes in Florida. But such is worries it still a silent phone

It’s April now for the record – I skipped the ged level test in favor of taking the required school entrance for which I passed— this precipitous event got me signed up on the first state service because the only thing stopping me was money to relocate and that wasn’t nor ever was going to be an offer. Or without help I did everything without them. This got me in the loop to work after finishing leisurely their red tape which meant signing up for an entirely separate state service and going through all of the vetting and story pictures of whether I could point to a job I liked. Right now as it’s law I await the paperwork of one state agency talking to another to pay up. We’re about 2 weeks into this — plus the original state agency knew I moved or was to be thus signed me up as I did their and my job then transferred me prior to me moving so I was a statistic success for the lady and in a mired hell of who is my new people? This is those reasons I can wake 3 months later feeling as if nothing is done. It is this crushingly true out there that people of these services choose or choose not to help and that’s protected heavily. Otherwise it’d be expedited no matter the challenges! Obviously mine is the hope I go away pile.

I say nothing but it’s clear some progress exists.
Next just as I may or may not have a free pass in life, I get just enough help but oh lord not the prize nor the reward. Add a friendship blossomed forward now months without a word as fortunes flipped all I lovingly hoped for came but at my expense not inclusion so there forever went that likely. School was entirely paid for plus books! But!!! The caveat was I had to drive or relocate – I am blind this town isn’t on robot highways yet anyways so I am not driving! That left moving whereby the original location I lived a trade for cleaning my rent due dried up poof the day I started forward with official meetings. So as March is spring break and stuff comes due or free after the snow birds go back north I saw nothing I could afford to deal with and full no deal rent is beyond my means so school went so did signup for services so far as the are adamant I produce certain things they stall setting up for as if I’ll go away. This is the USA reality for this 44 year old starman seeking services toward work as his own propulsion produced zero toward that so I would anyone regroup after sucking it in!

Pride pays zero an hour.

The agencies are division of vocational rehabilitation which like any place needs proof of all medical and financial so help is correctly applied getting one back to work. Next agency is division of blind services which is the actual tools and expertise as I’m not a wheelchair or some ‘simpler’ case basically there’s a agency for every major challenge so your agency actually claims rightly they help but in fact are not! Responsible. This necessitates for Tampa bay metro I see my services fulfilled by lite of the blind an imprint of the American council of the blind. As such is how organizations bring in big money being funded serving your needs which is paying work ! Expert work! Each place acts as if they need 3 months they’re overworked to get to me. I truly suspect I’ll be into places in late late April or May meaning I might! See action in September towards stuff.

Or a whole year shuffled away That’s the fight that’s what figures. And all this is to be bothered now by others coming in forcing me change methods of work to utilize their tools so it now shows they helped a worker. This is quite the attitude to adjust. This is exactly what is faced by many who see help feel like a self serving joke at our expense.

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