How could you do that?

I am weird. I do like burgers both homespun and fast foods offers to high chintz/bling ones too. I don’t have a good rapport with cook to order ‘fast’ food burgers. Okay sin of sins I think five guys burgers is a reason for vegetarianism.

Never once of thrice visitingng is there redemption always overpriced slow and who do I have to bribe to ketchup atop my burger? First bite is always dough be that burger or bun. I admit bread/butter pickles are for others and dill is for burgers and five guys uses whack pickles. I guess it’s celebrating whatever I don’t like about burger and taking away redemptive milkshake action so I notice each heinous sin!

Some say they’re juicier – five guys ( never frozen meat not over cooked…)

And of course they corporately pay correctly the help better but at bankruptcy per burger excuse me if I’m less than impressed.

And I bet you too can put your finger on a lemon of your choices souring your desire to return? Good because chick fil a is next enduring 28 years now of being ignored excepting thanks for employing family. Waffle fries suck that bad.!.

I guess fundamental issues are the feeling of value. I never question Denny’s pricing yet if one thought on it why wouldn’t they compete given that they sell food respectability for a family etc. but walk into a place and feel it’s expensive and not a value? Which is five guys or since I said it chick-fill-a. Yikes.

Now take that snobbery and lets test it!
Jimmy johns gourmet sandwiches – yay or nay? I like their tuna add bacon before the bread change of 2015. I paid money to eat their despite wishing ire on the ass who put up a free smells neon never cheap ghose signs. But subway long ago threw away taste and value so it’s up to who’s left. If I get a subwayits out of sheer desperation as I like meatball sammiches and Philadelphia Pennsylvania despite reputation for good served me nothing good. But jommy johns overpriced but they’re fast good and such! Wow to their internal standards they train people to meet and insist continually on!

But I admit all this is diatribe and subjective. If you find joy in food anywhere bless you and your belly

By Starman Jones

Everything and Nothing interests me. I cook read, write and even have to clean. I SHOULD NOTE: I'm 40 something.

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