Mustard packet stomping

YouTube abuse!
I bloody well see the imagined oscilloscope depiction of a piano chord backwards. I see this because I can hold pitch but I sure can hear as I might better say feel sound. I learned twenty years after sacking violin playing that I don’t actually hear perfect pitch oh split ends on my gorgeous blond hair the doom! I hear just a few hertz sharp of true. I learned this tuning a zither as it annoys me when it’s wrongly tuned… turns out I’m wrong… oh split ends of fashion disaster! I can’t sing so naturally many a job was? Lead the sing along! Swell. I cook but even I know I’m so slow at it that boogers there goes the easy Rembrandt award as it’s just Jackson pollock behind the airplane… up in the air it goes so as to become… in reality this is alllllll true and as I likely fixate and or loop as in I like songs and play them as if I ingest them… only to tire of some and wonder why that song is hip and the other square… I never did think to live this ingested song as part of my day I mean whoopee crap I lost hours and hearing grooving! Others tell me of the adventure that is that time as I seriously see only a time in a chair! Time doesn’t exist if the music is right. But I remember that oscilloscope in his apartment as he was my piano teacher but did voice and fenced… a personification of a New York City character – I tell you true I never once saw it this oscilloscope on and thus it’s amazing I know somehow the signals paths illuminated.

I can’t tell you how often lately sshhhhhh! 3 Times. That I dream I am awake and it is later than it in reality is. Disconcerting this! I must also deliberately sense that I hold the world nay universe steady to blaze my comets trail across my heavens. I must always be careful not to fight these last instants too or I’d ruin it all. Yet if my heart truly on my sleeve signals rightly – gah! Am I so close to tired as I’m just not 4 10 etc ages young like that as often just a wee bit tired of the effort splat into glad to to be of service while we await the thanks but nahs oh but blastoff is neigh! To the world I share ahhhh and oh that together simply excited the orange juice is orange! Blood orange haha only if you’ve enough purple carrot for color! Wanna ‘jack’ (freeze concentrate not steal) our next glass? I know that means I must care back….. ah the lengthy wait to be believed.
It’s Saturday now and I left the business week ago and Christmas is a delicious time to be looking into a moment of other’s time. I wonder if I get to laugh at how foul my timing really is.
But here it is my big adventure forward starting it with a cold if I can cough up sympathy. I saw the icy hints lines water resides here…but how deep and which… splash! edge? What the bleep is that portapotty in bloom smell? The water is grey or something?? Now it’s stinky marijuana oh joyful vomit. Miasma Yet I’m supposed to dhow what’s to be seen and yep… I can’t quite always tell
And while home is no longer a dormitory and a revolving carousel of characters, it’s the ech of liking out a windshield and seeing reflections behind. Hopefully the stroll between attractions amusing involves stomping mustard packets for distance.

The web says my dream if not to a time I had plans then I might see time hath run thin 😉

By Starman Jones

Everything and Nothing interests me. I cook read, write and even have to clean. I SHOULD NOTE: I'm 40 something.

2 replies on “Mustard packet stomping” Ted talk on classical music 😉

Despite how the above reads and a drift in thoughts splattered… such IS how the world comes. Much of it is only a spin away from not silly happenstance but mine !!! – mustard visually is the best to splatter as it is such a vivid color … you’d think there’s surely better sauces and or bigger packets to be had fun! But that elitch gardens of the 80’s before the move mo longer is there. I’ve deck scrubbed far too many areas to be in any hurry to befoul them. I even consider it crapshoot odds fun to have another in a handful guess the right amount of condiments I’d enjoy! At Taco Bell oh Lordy if the burrito doesn’t drip? Sadness ( if you watch the ted talk it’s? Coincidentally 4 sad c’s after a b…. ha har. ). Two a taco. Whim based in nachos and still I’ve managed the best stomp at 22 feet.
I do like how I know but I wonder if you do, that oh I fight on. My time runners thin often and realistically that’s grand as it means adventures come. I really don’t like the feeling life stalls. As to happy? Oh geez is it fun to learn again sorta to return to a loop or connection fighting mine to be it’s something as I see it mean? There’s a face there.

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