U + 16C9

you plus sixteen see nine?  Is a Unicode symbol for the elk or aljiz rune in Norse divination.


it means safety


protected from the worst


in learned reflection I’m shown the awesomeness of the universe should I play – in reality I must accept I am not making it into everyone’s book of fabled heros.

I’m shown love is that heady motion of trust it’s us against all I’m the knight of old!  But yet the reality is that I’m not to pedestal a queen but listen to a human being and thus care.  Not white knight saving the day.


its of course rather frustrating to know one must find their way and be company perhaps for another on theirs — yet balance the adventure in love forward…. and as seems cussedly ever the reflecting obvious that it’s nothing perhaps at all wrong with my or anyone’s offer yet it’s a choice for alllllll those marbles.  Something as simple as walking yet making sure it’s with the other not a useless block ahead – or a widely nurtured and secure home built together in finances not magically a phone call away paid in full.


its fun wondering how to be a part of yet not unduly responsible for others lives excepting concepts like protected citizen ties like elders infirm or children cute as they’re last night new to the big world.

Its fun with some growth to fully feel the world alive- to not just sneak a bedpost notch but to actually be entrusted to care.  To plan that ahead ridingmout consequences 😉


its also fun to understand in patience that others arent born yesterday or incapable either thus champion not just my ideas!

Obviously now to more joy!

joy is needed too!


its a joy to think blueberry ketchup??? You heard!  Why? Because it’s important one know that ketchup wasn’t tomato based always!


its fun to know I may each little step of the way see joy in the world.  To feel the blood of strength course through in hope forward.  Not fear entirely anything yet to be well aware within fear it’s no guarantee


joy is a book

a movie shared



adventure in security not that calamity is not existing- but that it is dealable

By Starman Jones

Everything and Nothing interests me. I cook read, write and even have to clean. I SHOULD NOTE: I'm 40 something.

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