Despite the cynicism

Upon oyster planet
Surveying scenes – futures lithe
Good morning, seen it

Help is kitchen done
Grumble thank you to bathrooms
Tball three whee fun

Two haiku I know bless the sneezy one but it’s worth remembering I’m tired and have an order thus others help is often a fuck over twice and I’m to be gracious as I am pleased with gratitude that my day is improved as that so often this help is helping not me but another and wow thanks I just set that in soap rinsed to clean right after a lil soak and clink clink well I’m tired here why not to a few flights of stairs with you yaaaaaay! But stop a moment and realize attitude is displaying grace ringing true as I meant thank you as any help is a spirit whether the outcome is all that grand or not – championing spirit is a smile

Or just as I get excited to find what I’ve heard is desired the response seems as if I’m tearing away to a better place without the joy when the person shared with us the reason for the joy not the shared shitty ideas!! I’ll invent ideas that may not come to sunshine but I sure am after joy to share :).

Or such is an example
Of how obstinate an ass I am. Most help is not help… because it is hard to let go of the order in how I work and I’m tired plotting each tasks effort outlay like a marathon not to sprint and fail dying into a task list to hard hit. Heh. Or you not a world are my oyster as I share the smiles brimming over if I can.

Fancy how that works out for me 😉

Back to work – 44 diabetic unemployed so I heard via a
Meeting where this isn’t a career or even a job yet hahaha oooh! And I’m thank full of it for my life… actually I am. Despite the cynicism

By Starman Jones

Everything and Nothing interests me. I cook read, write and even have to clean. I SHOULD NOTE: I'm 40 something.

One reply on “Despite the cynicism”

I really should try grammar. It is clear enough I often find ‘help’ unhelpful because if I set something up and I do as I’m thorough… when someone swoops in to help with the easy end tasks and then says rightly they complete tasks, this leaves me empty handed having expended the effort for not just no result, but often the stab of what did I achieve? This is what I work to sidestep not in words but feelings as any help in spirit is a blessing which is a choice but belief. It is a success directing others versus management only and as I care with others help or ‘help’. Then I’ve a bit larger attitude adjusted success.

Caring or to much focus upon results unbalanced efforts given and thus championed. Thus limiting my ability to be kind and help develop that higher that more. This going backwards to lesser life stations is not a return to failures but a delicious improvement even if in a way I never ever get the woman, the job, the anything! Thus reminding me to be careful that much can matter but carefully letting what I wish matter and it’s or my furtherance is that lil ugh in motions.
But it’s worth making sure this is not power abused lookin me stupidity but competent effort just simply me.

Belief is very hard when results are far away and the obstacles always based on the fear I must go it all alone and prove it thus missing the point of together because once done- there’s shit nothing worth sharing as the achievements of life are silly but there is great joy adventuring through them. But in all fairness
I mean in all fairness, most aren’t into the fight to create but tack a bit here there on to a plan well in progress – so if I’m to not go mad trying to have mine- I must in a way patiently nurture that magic forward which may be valuable later but is a harder sell in the beginning and thus hope some more. But in all honesty it would seem I might just admit failure and success too as I’m mr and surely much if not always easy or an easy sell

I might find patience but my intuition says I’m best purveying joy because we all want the magic in life and less of its b s

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