What remains

Oh grr and gah! Get
Up the line of lips smiling
Yet more can be moving

I wonder at the sheer joy it was three layers and a stomp to a Big Mac- ordinarily about the least desired offer in fast food. The fries damned crisp and hot. So hot in fact I sat like 3 about to piss dad off by eating only my fries ignoring dinner in favor of dessert! Diet Coke splash of sprite …. mmmm. Skittles yellow ‘bright side’ the new flavor to me. Ahh the thoughts in action of a breath indicative of lower sugars control oh surprise! My teeth hurt after just a nibble of no no. Oh sure I walked two hours ish so even at turtle I can say I burn 600-700 calories or could just afford my prized outings. It was quiet through the projects yet I had company. The owner keeps reverting to me supposedly leaving the first? It’s xmas (with luck) and with luck this is a right forward but it just surprise unraveled! I still mean the goal the point that I came for a future here it is no surprise I skip the blackness that for now it seems a shambles to which can actually be my fault! But look up. Russian dressing atop a cheeseburger on a warm bun. I am right that the smile exists and I made for mine. I know I spur hearing all this whatever planning stuff it seems block me/mine out but I’m here. So are the smiles. It seems to me others test beyond fate proving me right all along. I may move along in a spirit of done well I control my influence and my choices only and I’m not taking the worst. I may just court the best. Or I’m a fool.


Oh the weather outside is frightful but inside it’s delightful and there’s no where to go let it snow let it snow let it snow

I’m a Napoleon all in mad narcissistic love with what I’ll have done. It’s of course bullshit Tom foolery and yet again bills comes life is due. I’m impatient and likely rude

There’s a lot worth saying if it’s not the end to hear it.

There’s many lines in a desert of sand and they ever create the art of life. And the desert has soaked up more blood than you can imagine…Lawrence of Arabia (1962)

In a way though it’s good because if I am not to gain the ability to communicate up a world from words to alive? Then fine- I’m a lousy writer afterall swashbuckling with my bic!

It may just also not matter. Or I may be ever so close just that one breath more! We can make it!

By Starman Jones

Everything and Nothing interests me. I cook read, write and even have to clean. I SHOULD NOTE: I'm 40 something.

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