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is this mall of food seems cool right great eats and decor?  Not a menu anywhere familiar and or easy to see to read and thus having to ask heads!  If you have to ask the answer is you can’t afford it or no!


Please note it is different with attentive! Folk like I can’t see so I ask if I may be seated I’m at the mall side the wrong side and walking me there without a scene or needing to ask save may I help… that’s like nice

what is notnice?  Seeing I read less than an inch from a page and asking dexiteme turning pages if I need help?  Ugh.

why? Because I’m not keen to appear helpless blind.  Like anyone or many anyway I must be cost conscious yet not appear worried over cost!

so why steelbach when it foreign frightening and likely annoyingly not my normal inexpensive eateries?

You can see the menu and what I selected from it.  I easily could have bought hundreds of dollars wines or an affordable glass.  Weird as I was sherry was on order – if you’re not hip to why it’s a line – “is it normal to offer them a sherry to watch you sniff it?… no it’s not!” (Red dwarf, bbc-grant naylor) that is the smoked tomato soup with a Rueben

The wine: as is my habit, NEVER be afraid to order thee wrong! Wine!! Sherry has with this fino an aromatics note that is very similar and complimentary to pickled cabbage (sauerkraut). So while white wine with beef??? Wrong!!!!!  White wine with tomatoes??? Heads!! Wrong!!!  But is it?  The acid component is highlighted for a delighted eater.

this is another example of looks

The place by dress when you can and will pay double of fast foods cost and the same road from my hostel 12 blocks to the location so the directions are not hard!

3109 n ola ave is grams place hostel and

1909 n ola ave is armiture works for steelbachs or a variety of choices

this is 2 blocks from the main road and 2 more blocks from interstate 275 with a waterworks water park also close by armiture works

hart the bus system two usd per bus unless special

hostel is 10 minutes from Tampa airport

its walking distances downtown along a river walk but remember it’s floeida often hot and nearly always humid.


By Starman Jones

Everything and Nothing interests me. I cook read, write and even have to clean. I SHOULD NOTE: I'm 40 something.

2 replies on “Divergent”

Sorry you had the ‘not nice’ people. Thank you for education on sherry. (-: Ice packs are the only way I survive these southern summers. (but fall has arrived. finally.)

Aww I tried to read this kater and it garbled – but the experience was nice with perhaps a ding for what was a irritation.. but a nice lunch great welcoming and service even from mr boo boo.

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