Hoot & a holler

Ahmed’s Apple Refresh

or in Tampa,FL,USA

oceanic market at I-275 & Tampa Street

it is not David rio tea’s Fuji apple tea but I’m sure pleased.  It’s southern sweet tea.

it is something of legend, sweet tea.

its a bit of warm water (if stovetop special, heat water add sugar  dissolve then brew tea strong and pour over ice— if sun tea, warm water so you can dissolve the sugar then sun it til brewed nicely…. but in this case that sugar is dissolved not added later and psychology Sayeth it matters… but probably doesn’t.

this presents a minor issue when I haven’t ice enough to fill a pitcher then glasses too. So add ice then water while tea brews this gets real cold and is better than nothing.

warnings. If able let tea cool as much as possible as from hot to instant cold it can go cloudy.


its not diabetic friendly- sugar and oddly the dissolve sugar in then brew thing is the same with different sweeteners.

lil twist on the typical

By Starman Jones

Everything and Nothing interests me. I cook read, write and even have to clean. I SHOULD NOTE: I'm 40 something.

4 replies on “Hoot & a holler”

Lol. I eff bombed a lot of tea. Coffee too! I still have this disconnect on why a 2 oz foilie pack of coffee is a 12 cup pot yet I can get more the 3 oz out of fresh ground coffee from fancy land. And in tea I can’t tell you how much sour slop soap I couldn’t do a second sip of…. even if it ain’t always my failure. I also have to say wow how you remind me of one you’ve heard of but not met directly or indirectly. She was proud of her town’s only exception to corporate standards on 180 degree F coffee because it was technically impossible due to altitude. I always remember she had hers extra nuked ;). As I hoped her dogs didn’t bugger each other :O

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