Sanity, schmanity :P

I keep forgetting… don’t you so mu ch as utter one Michael Macdonald note! To say I believe and thank you and joy and 💩
( you’re curious- Michael Macdonald solo work from the doobie bros. Sa was him with a hit with- I keep forgetting we’re not in love anymore- which later was sampled by warren g as regulators! Mount up… if you smoke like I smoke then your high like every day… yada)
Songs for you lazier

Michael macdonald’s ‘I keep forgettin’ (we’re not in
Love anymore)

Warren g ‘s “regulate”

I care deeply egotistically about place/value sure – I admit stupid constructs of thought. I care deeply I am even afraid oo terror I may not matter. Fucking sue me for being human. But don’t forget at the end of it is I love you . I love you despite silence. Asinine as in against my world spins around only me wishes. I love you for who I know you to have chosen to be. Don’t forget the thank you and the joy. Forever present even if my current luck sucks deservedly so.

Ah the best part of this is looking a right ass talking to myself. I know you’ll read it but you don’t have to but smile secretly. Just as I hope I have my investments I wish to offer the same. Just as I’m not five and this is real life we may never meet again – total tragedy really-all I asked for was your soul because I m greedy. Evil weak as water perhaps. Feather for cowardice if you know your British and why that slimes! Native American indigenous people’s proud heritage of a feather is for bravery… oooo I’m so beggin’ To be his subject. Crap – no pretty British gals now, crap! Crap crap!

And I’m probably right – brits can be biased

Which brings the book update of brain soup. ( in case you don’t think I write enough, I maintain two blogs actually)

– if ever I had faith issues reading the delineation of common belief paradigms, ugh I’m saddened as the mystery turns to stone with my heart and hopes. Oh I’ll read the truth supposed and shone. I’m just a touch sad if it plays out there’s no magic left, no power. And ye thought I’m not one but to vague it up? Ha!

By Starman Jones

Everything and Nothing interests me. I cook read, write and even have to clean. I SHOULD NOTE: I'm 40 something.

5 replies on “Sanity, schmanity :P”

Thank you – it is not uncommon for themes to be borrowed in music – string arrangement on Eric carmen’s Never gonna fall in love again – is one of the movements of Rachmaninov’s symphonies

Okay!!! I’ll admit a buttered tie instead of dinner roll moment of absent minded me! I don’t have perfect connection to words and or phrases I only have a connection to opening and some patterns. About the only line I ever did like in any song is this one – “ aspirations in the clouds but your hopes go down the drain! …. and you want her and she wants you no one! “No one’ (ever) ‘is to blame” if you follow the sequence out further… but if I react on it I’d laugh Your it was a clear dark night and a clear white moon… has some undertones to it. As if it’s not THAT innocent of scenery but salsa it has a classic allusion of a/to “I remember it so well! “) I can’t really remember crap! ) ring to it.

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