Carbs are t’blame
From Carly Simon ‘s
You’re so vain

Waddling through the party
Feeling sexy! Yeah, not!
Arm flab visibly to the thigh!
Gorgeous just like a splotch!
Oo cute eyes don’t leer
Do my looks make that stomach pitter plop?
All eyes say I’m the boat anchor
Pity me the boat anchor ‘cause

Carbs are t’blame
No no junk food boo who, boo hoo, boo who
Carbs are t’blame oh the shame!
Keto through keto through

I was was svelte just a lifetime ago
Picture porn I do believe
Ate and drank every dang thing
I look at a calorie gain a pound and scream
But salvation keto and raising above
70 to go then I’m 17
Now to bulletproof the coffee Butter in my coffee? ‘Cause

Carbs are t’blame
No no junk food boo who, boo hoo, boo who
Carbs are t’blame oh the shame!
Keto through keto through

Brooks of Shawshank redemption said
Get busy livin or get busy dyin’
So I stopped the insanity! Bought two ultra blenders
Week one down 2 lbs and bankruptcy to come
Say diet in this house and it’s a crime
Hot brown and fried and a case of whiskey amends. Whisky amends

Carbs are t’blame
No no junk food boo who, boo hoo, boo who
Carbs are t’blame – oh the shame!
Keto through keto through

I am not on a ketogenic diet.
I do attempt to abide by a lower sodium restricted diet a lower phosphorus intake diet and whether I want to or not! A monitored potassium intake diet atop these directly advised things no beef or pork. Watch out for cholesterol too… I initially did well with tossing half the carbs out like half a bun of only chicken sandwiches and began inhaling candy choc bars which while awful dietary are calories and showed initial success which stalled. This is why I have never gone keto. If I showed longer success, I may have just bowed to the religion. I don’t need to lose weight I’m within greens on BMI at 5”825 inches tall at 155 pounds yet more recently 146 which is underweight. Short summation is, my troubles aren’t yours! But ain’t it fun! FUN! To want that more?

Are you kidding? No. Not always! It can be more than an 8 second burn out. But this (foooooood) is a love? Yes! But sometimes it’s just not new. Nor fun just frustrating. So? Better ideas and for the explorative of my soul… let’s return that joy!

170? Calories Per half cup serving.
323 for a 1/8 pie sized slice of standard pumpkin pie

Basing this against not a direct comparison of actual products!!!!!!!! I had to approximate using any old pumpkin spice ice cream vs a frozen section store pie!!!!!!

But there’s you’re reveal

Now to blather as I like!

American thanksgiving is beginning to loom as is a season of candies and outright oink to that trough. To me! This means pumpkin pie. Warm cold who cares get your own.

But how can I have my pie and eat it too!?

Hee hee haha har.

Are You done reading how that dessert parlor offers for this season cinnamon whiskey infused pumpkin pie ice cream?

I can’t gauruntee its half the impact this idea of ice cream vs pie and whether anyone with a heart for those of us who like sweets yet are caloric ally challenged might want that pie and to eat it too.

I know neither is on the acceptable menu of gruel and punishment because all our challenges ya diabetics are our own fat lazy fault according to pop culture. I’m not fat, I’m underweight but yada.

But let’s try to explore part two before the it’s impssi life is a doom and failure sets in….

Now 360 but I promised 323! Shhhh pie is what it is and recipes change
54g carbs

By simple comparison
Coke soda is 12oz 150cal 39g carbs and instant sugar suicide yet shhhhhhhh

I switched to diet soda long ago

Now the worst metabolisms ever we’re 900 -1400 calories per day for maintaining I’ve seen but I’m not that tv special on indigenous folk. I also don’t subscribe to the 3600 calories or more a day active outdoorsman bunch!

I calculated I get 1400/1500 calories a day and must walk not run 3 miles a day eat more occasionally as needed but generally that – I am not you.

I calculated 10 something years ago becoming insulin dependent that my med combo sustained with me 1600 calories a day that’s it’s limit.

Without meds I would have to walk 5 hours a day every day forever to maintain work off that kind of glucose sugar fuel input from whatever source it becomes sugar allllll of it!even the health food. I tested that theory working 3 day’s a week at Walmart pushing carts in blizzards and sun freezing temps for six weeks and my numbers lessened not improved

I stopped the vast intake of beef and pork and bread some closer to a ketogenic diet and this meat 8 candy bars at 250 calories each a 500 hundred cal sandwich nuked 200 cal bun half tossed yada and whoever else I could scrounge and on gas station food improved to rebound!

But the point is

Ice cream label,179837/

170 became 230


Now really ice cream is a holiday salvation at? 29g per serving

The point isn’t the safety as these aren’t



If you want a ghost of Christmas present? Go lightly into your good night

Remember, carbs –
coke 39g is a suicide
29 of 39 is pushing the envelopes

But 54 is a miniball of doom

By Starman Jones

Everything and Nothing interests me. I cook read, write and even have to clean. I SHOULD NOTE: I'm 40 something.

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