One more night…. in a nowhereville flinging boogers at culture.

The first night was Asia night followed by an immunity soup that later became burgers and what fun it is to gather. It shall be Mexican night. And simplicity seems to be the watch word yet I still doggedly believe it should be about stretching into new territory. This said, taco bar… ugh. I mean I make a wicked adobada pork and a darn fine spicy chicken taco filling. I’ve heard of fish tacos even! But if it’s more veggie centric or leaning… not the usual fare in any even…. Hmn just what kind of thorny issues am I asking for?

Yes, folks, that’s just booger flinging at culture there sourcing nyc for Mexican fare. The recipe is good appearing and tastey sounding too.

It’s authentic! Lupe’s recipe! Yes it’s a tired joke but so often authenticity is racist sounding in that only someone of a culture can be authentic or do authentic things. But seriously that’s some serious salsa salad whatever!

And thus to simplify my life I have a neato in mind and a sketch going and if desperate! And also damn kind then cruel….😇😁😁

Mean streak – a mango habenero sauce of sweetness and yet zing
1%er – a trip southward… you know ‘where’

As this is a taco bar, you’ll note no call for green chili.
As this is a taco bar, you’ll see no call for Pueblo stew
As this is a taco bar, camarones la diabla is also not quite on as it’s entree ish not taco
As this is a taco bar, less is more and thus simplicity will find honor
As this is a taco bar the sopes, Mexican pintos and cactus, tostadas, huaraches, burritos, chili rellenos, Mexican hamburgers, stuffed sopapilla,fish Veracruz and etc are just not the day!

And yes, I will fondly think on a kitch cookbook to soak beers in this and like remember Smokey and the bandit… because as it’s a taco bar oh heck no! A social event!!!

I want to go to the ballllll

By Starman Jones

Everything and Nothing interests me. I cook read, write and even have to clean. I SHOULD NOTE: I'm 40 something.

5 replies on “One more night…. in a nowhereville flinging boogers at culture.”

Plus a rainbow of chances

(5 different scratch tortillas off of a simple base)

As with anything Catawba- not available in my area hmph!
( in reality – this just means special time!!!! )
(Catawba or a variety of dry whites)

(Yes, I am manufactured out of Michigan so 😉 duh!)

Love me a stonehill winery of Herman mo. Catawba too

Yes – not California or France. It can be a smile!

(Endlesssummer winery – not far from Herman’s mo. Does this fruit stuff no one has done as well- pecan wine with the whiskeys? Or the yada yawn tourist trap jalapeño stuff that everyone who knows anything marinated with…)

Yes tacos bar and! Wine suckers with a veg option

Don’t lose faith in mexican now get! It shall be.
Canada night?

Del maguey

Never had it but bought for my realitor as a please don’t hate me – it fell through-

Curious…. hot chocolate weather may come. Have ye or j interest in Canada night


This one I have had along with a brutally priced yellow chartreuse at 160 a bottle I did indeed make booze pudding and hot chicks 😉 (butter scotch oh hell no apple white choc! Boozed out!)
(Extant example I have)

Still considering as my offer
(Not specifically but general ilk)

I last saw nopales at punlix bayshore tampa I believe no gauruntee but a chance!

I am dead serious- I too can pretend I can cook. But the fun of even a simple taco bar isn’t giving up whomp there it is! But stretching towards more… whatever this is.

Good tortillas shells etc and foooooood!

I can bubble a darn fine adobada if we’re planning on giving up ;). (Maturity… it’s really just giving up… want a promotion work really hard get hostile it’s slow in coming??? mATURITY! Give up and watch that once ego isn’t their problem we succeed!!!!!!)

German influence

Spanish influence… expected

But beer!?!

Get real.
…1925, we set out to create a model beer in Tacuba, Mexico. To do so, we looked to the treasured techniques of internationally renowned German brewmasters, experts in the art of brewing, for inspiration. What resulted was a brewing process and recipe that produced a consistently crisp and well-balanced beer tha….

First world taco truck or platter/Tb runs etc 🍺 beer beer beer


Saved France too.. then invaded (the bastards 😉 )

Stone hill Catawba

Catawba for ! table wine! Is dang fine as it eliminates the spice note of hot/spicy foods like flaming death habenero peppers which taste nice then agony!!! But the wine still pain but that rising discomfort is eased!!!!page=product&id=1AA43272-E111-11DF-A102-FEFD45A4D471
Don’t care about its healthy anything such is ‘authentic ‘
If home spun

Which is fun for carrot kimchi later too!

If one cares

I hate Korean above all Asian offers btw yuck I also disdain Chinese five spice powder… but can manage cinnamon chicken or shrimps as if I plug my nose and say Brazil night!

Same with innards skip cow tongue tacos please

Obviously I, hypocrite, like hot dogs so I’ll lose that argument easily 😉

Getting excited (or buried?) yet??

Just in case you don’t believe my foodie dreaming sir schemings!! 😉

I at least think on it often .. damn you I wish you were not gone, brat.

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