One night in… a no name unauthentic town being happy about ruining culture forever!

Edited to show results:

It’s on! Asia night. Really? Likely. So as I thought of the Yahtzee neighbor being of a pan-culture she doesn’t cook the food of much, it’s Asia night!

Cue Styx music rewritten as it’s not ‘ those long nights, impossible odds, keeping my eye to the keyhole… if it takes all that to be just who I am – I’m gonna be a blue collar man!’ As??
‘ take those long knives, oo possible grub! With love in each stir or fold. That’s all it takes – believe in thee if you would -dinner on, ma’am!’

Now I’m sure to think this is worth the courses! From soup, salad , appetizer, entree, dessert

Ma’am hates! Raspberries! Yikes! That is hilariously awful my first oo yummy went bawhoosh! Swirl swirl gurgle.

Veggies didn’t get shot down excepting Lima beans and gross feet Brussels sprouts. Batting ohh for two now 😉

Enchiladas are a skill of ma’am’s
Hubs is allllll over culinary wizardry
They’ve a lot of kitchen aids I thus may not have to buy
Ma’am enjoyed sushi out- hubs doesn’t believe sushi is easier it actually isn’t but maki CAN be fun and thus for an example they’ve a mat— that’s two bucks I don’t have to spend! (Or more)
They plan to ‘turd’ Monday (laze around) and Tuesday/Wednesday are out.

Now! That’s my intel.
If one can fold/roll an enchilada one can attempt egg rolls/spring rolls
Raspberries ruin the sweet/fruity side’s stuff like simpler sorbet/pallet cleansers tween courses – Bahahaha
And the fun of this is not! Authentic
You read that right
Not authentic
I like food possible and thus we’re going to try stuff we know don’t know etc and have fun! (‘Bleep’ it)
While discussing Brussels cabbage is. Allowed they both just disdain Brussels.

Low hanging fruit is a brand of wine inexpensive they like but oddly whites and reds are my attending friends choice (I myself believe in spicy and white wine but know a limit on my friend’s acceptable heat index. And my cousin’s rose for the rest of us- just mix a glass of red and white together trick hee hee (who cares as much after 2 glasses of wine?)

Now I really disdain deep fat or even pan in heavier oil frying scary stuff! I’m not glorious with seafood yet I can manage some simpler things. Obviously I would like to have a good experience reinforcing another to extend skills simply for fun against a reputed cook of a hubs also enjoying that I too can manage the iron!

Now what the devil to make?
What do you want for Asia night?

Spring rolls
Hot/sour or wonton soup (I’m tempted so tempted to veg out here more and if she can wonton soup welllllll! Let’s just hot pot!
Udon noodle chilled salad? (Pasta salad folks)
((Remember my friend also disdains truly hot temperature food too so I’m trying to accommodate tastes too now 😉 ))
Tea is grand! Oh how Asia! Coffee crowd -hmph
No raspberries -hmph

Yahtzee should be involved
Something vegetarian because just about all the time we try stuff we should make room for what isn’t a skill but still a joy…

I’m trying to avoid just dim sum because it’s fattening

My friend truly is more veggie centric and I personally try to limit some types of foods/minerals (sodium phosphorus beef and pork etc…).

So here’s what I know-
I’m not over the moon about mushrooms
Superfood salad is a kale tomato dish. Stir fry greens if approached carefully is both tricky enough for me especially cooking with others not to have salad but also not stewed greens but Asian esque tender-crisp! So maybe trying a stir fry of that? Or is it ??

(Sag aloo or an Indian potato chilies dish)

(Kale/tomatoes if prettied)

Spring roll ideas are colorful! But is it typical or trying the usual a new way?

Semi typical shrimp spring roll)

(Purple cabbage versus fancier foreign typical)

Now soup!
I adore hot/sour invitee makes wonton. I happen to love pelmeni but while this too is ‘Asian ‘ I use the word to convey. Chinese Japanese Korean Vietnamese Thai stuff snubbing the rest as either beyond my tastes or beyond my skills entirely… big huggggge weeny! I am!

So soup
(Sizzling rice soup which can more so meet what either of us cooking knows yet extend our skills!)

Miso soup
Hot sour soup

So you have the salad as a spring roll
A soup

Fruit kebabs? That’d be cute 😀

Chilled or specifically picnic not hot vegetation main
Like kale/tomatoes? With a pasta salad

Udon being buckwheat
Kale butter some sorta Smokey with tomatoes so realistically coffee is an option !! Which seems more likely? Kenyan’s BlackBerry/lemony or Guatemala’s appley almost toast? Or try a peppery more so Thai? Either ways the smarter of you smell booze infused cream coming I hope 🙃🤪

And oddly I expect shooter desserts because no one has room anyways!

Well? Your take?



Spring rolls with pomegranate sauce
Hot and sour soup
Chicken and zucchini stir fry with perfect rice
Lo mein
Wine… lotsa wine

(While one can claim this is lies!, I did win at the Yahtzee 1816 on ‘triple Yahtze’ 2 of three Yahtzee against all three Yahtzee yet 1700 even so yes folks strategy counts)

By Starman Jones

Everything and Nothing interests me. I cook read, write and even have to clean. I SHOULD NOTE: I'm 40 something.

2 replies on “One night in… a no name unauthentic town being happy about ruining culture forever!”

Consideration: protein:,130689/. Because one cup cubed eggplant is one gram protein which is an um, not enough – and while I don’t mind chx or pescatarian within this dinner idea- it’s veggie driven. Yet making sure 25-30 grams protein are part of a feast is important too. 85/g men or a touch less for the lesser active or outright whatever other differences.

Altering spaghetti for buckwheat noodle which is toasty toasty altering ginger sesame which I don’t like for a açaí vinegrette type
No alteration contemplated


Prettty pretty but no recipe quick so
Required xantham gum (which while a corn type but not corn product persay is definitively not. Corn starch. I have made this thrice it never stays clear/thick so 😉 I’m willing to break down and utilize the gum.

The topping/garnishes are simpler seared fish pretty but basic vegetables like carrot flower (just a mild bit more work) capers to pop flavor use rest on salads etc. tomato rosettes (rolled tomato skin ) green onion and probably a radish for that popping peppery)

Spring rolls

As I have red cabbage on hand 😉
Not keen on avocado but colorful.

Sauce still likely an açaí vinaigrette which is juice soy thickener hot (chili) if needed likely black vinaigrette sesame oil and perhaps a snappy visual seed dusting
This is similar to potsticker sauce but like a cranberry sauce but not. Either

And because I’m just thin on protein
Hors d’ouvres
Stuffed mushrooms
(Because while cheese stuffed mushrooms rock!!! Um no cheese and fish 😉 )

Açaí is sweet but not wholly and thus blends from tasters through ending entree side thus can carry through

This presents some challenge on just a white wine yet zero trouble carrying a Stella Artois

My side present likes the reds more and thus this screams a great Shiraz because of that vinegar type pop of that varietal in my opinion but believe it or not paisono of Rossi hug wine fame being newer this month is likely still Chianti enough like sweeter to hold this as well.

I haven’t solidified the ingredients list yet but this seems to be doable

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