I love you

Why on earth it matters
Is the wonder, that big magic
Where this leads is that guess

I edged the planters out front and made both lunches of that needed and one who could use one and drank my wine. I’m not 100% of the 50 gallons lawn leaf litter. I got to create smiles. I dream of eggplant Parmesan

The magic is lost of course. I haven’t been to this place in so long (12 years ) that I can’t even find it. Yet memory persists that never ever did I have a better old American tastes of the 70’s in Italian eggplant parm /mozzarella. On a hogue would be any better (FairPlay Colorado or “South Park” like that cartoon) but is it really? Road trip through time to the best of now chasing magic !!

Of course I’m stuck in Florida making occasional green chili pots. Pissin’ and moaning I’m somewhere 3lse! And I’m out of wine…

Pinot Gris just won’t do with eye-talian

I badly want a pizza at least. Damn it.

The front is half weeded and edged. Seriously! I’m like hungry. Do you understand? The season finally shifted. It’s nicer a moment in mornings/nights. I’m so bad off – I could make a pan of middle in white wine cream if I suddenly hit the wrong section of the store. I could just as easily tandor chef chicken masala but I might take out two. I still want eggplant parm. Spicy. Eff your pasta.


By Starman Jones

Everything and Nothing interests me. I cook read, write and even have to clean. I SHOULD NOTE: I'm 40 something.

7 replies on “I love you”

Sounds like you got some good work done!
I wasn’t hungry until I read this! Now I want eggplant parm! 🙂
I’ve been eating a lot of Brussels sprouts lately and tonight I had asparagus! The veggie, not a pair-a-Guses! 😉 😀 If I had a pair of Gus’es, I’d put both of them to work!
Happy Labor Day to you!
HUGS!!! 🙂

This is the second post of yours where you mention pizza…. It’s making want pizza which was not in my radar to eat today. And I guess it won’t be either. I guess I’m giving up on love. I’m sad about it but I can’t get it right. I think I need to do yard work… I should have today. Alas… peace & smiles

Oh now! Neglecting any of my own sins as I hum the Mac Davis (oh lord it’s hard to be humble…) then wryly smile… then amp the smile wattage :). Yardwork 😉 that could be interspersed with pie and coffee breaks ;). Decalf and some apple crisp at the Denny’s?

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