The great green gush and rush about.

It’s like neigh on impossible to get green chili around this berg! So all a-twitter I heard green chili in print I rushed to enchilada sauce not green chili on my spendy burrito. It was still a treat.

Stopping off to check out a bit of option for hand sanitizer grit/absorbent- I can’t say I left with the goods but – – – Michaels

There is a bunch of walking including a grand tour of future lodgings if one has a hahaha 😉

If you love our modern world, the house is 3150 w Euclid Ave tampa Florida USA which is a simple 1269 sq ft lodging listing for but not for rent or sale $323,000.00 ish (search address plus Zillow)
ADF3E95F-FAB6-45C3-BC56-8B0BE3693EFB and something slightly less permanent and also less costly!!! 😁

Hart or hillsborough area regional transportation is operating the #15 plus walk and the #36 which weren’t the efficient ways there plus more walking (remember mid day mid summer Florida’s heat 😉 ) and I thought of her so of course it rained entirely soaking me last blocks home.

By Starman Jones

Everything and Nothing interests me. I cook read, write and even have to clean. I SHOULD NOTE: I'm 40 something.

One reply on “The great green gush and rush about.”

Hand sanitizer – symbolism’s heh
Seeing yourself in others or rationally…
vermiculite/biotite/mica (related to fools gold)

Can come with asbestos. And thus is potentially lethal! Bahahaha
Volcanic glass
Psychic vacuum cleaner – emotional scrub!
(Kadesh… mt Sinai … Moses
And the hint
3-5 biotite …containing? Water.

1 ton rock 2000 lbs 60 lbs biotite
Nope, life isn’t so easy folks 😉

Thus you could deduce that rocks have ‘magic’ water. And it’s amusing to think on handwash ing waterless ly that I’m interestingly not doing so but chasing religion Bahahaha

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