Hand sanitizer absorbent craft idea:
Does it work?

This was duppised to be a link to a university of Toronto thing on the efficacy of hand sanitizer use.
Caveat – only an aid with not replacement entirely for soap/water washing

Can not exactly remember which Colorado Forrest areas visit exactly but I believe it was bear lake where the waterless toilets had a flower pot with a fake flower and kitty litter as a grit to absorb the excess hand sanitizer (or perhaps vermiculite alone)

Of little use actually for ‘waterless’ but 😉

Click to access Backcountry_Guide_2014.pdf

Since idea is still there
Clay- (kitty litter)

Clay works but can have a grit leave
Vermiculite over perlite I cant tell but looks alone leave vermiculite less desirable looking than perlite and added bonus environmental cleanup possibilities!! ;). But now perlite obsidian than in this form is white? Kinky!
Garden usage
Grit for and absorbent to clean excess hand sanitizer yet remain clean/sanitary and be easily maintained at low cost all seem useful just not as cheap as kitty litter (boo!! plus due to cats easily available)

8-12 uses per

Paper towel
44 at 1.40 ~2-3 cents per use

Click to access Experimental_Design.pdf

Or no info or even reliable approximation of how much water (or sanitizer ) must be absorbed thus a better cost evaluation of whether 5 bucks perlite is equivalent or better economically versus paper towel or other methodology of hand stuff.

Now flower junk

And now for pants and to get out for stuff. Smokes, green chili
I did get the day off after a light hour scribing the outside of our private rooms house (1/2) and pulling a double shift yesterday

I can’t decide between which item to come drowned in green chili tamely or burrito and if burrito which kind? And how dangerously close this is to Taco Bell which not ‘mexican’ lol is tasty tooo!

Basically I need a damn cheap cute fake flower a pot and some perlite

And will the green chili happen or will u get waylaid at taco bell?

By Starman Jones

Everything and Nothing interests me. I cook read, write and even have to clean. I SHOULD NOTE: I'm 40 something.

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