By the noonday brightness…


It appears temporary Colorado salvation is a grocery event 😉 (yes, Colorado is where the founders of lucky’s is from- or some stuff)

But heh I’m like humming a rewrite of that Selena song- I’ll be dreaming.

And you know that just so happens to be a day off?
Genius kitchen’s green chili cheese fries

A smothered burrito
(This being centennial co, el Karajo)

Or half of the way to breakfast salvation
Huevos divorciados

If y
u remember – I did get after my batch whilst visiting family… it’s like so on?


As you can see – there is a place in town with the all holy green chili. But just a tamale or burrito?? Boo. ;).
Bit of a trek yet I’ve been to and through that locale as it’s along the way from st Pete.

Now the magic continues

Recipes abound for green chili verde
Much fun exists chasing the oxacan dream of those seven of which this is but one

But I’m reminded of not the crispy chimichanga properly bathed in blissful green and colon clogging melty gringo cheese mmm. I’m not reminded of the basic beef and bean not just sawdust beef with cumin… mmm either way nor some safer chicken affair… mmm burrito. – I try but I doubt I’ll ever love abreakfast burrito mmm mnnnf.
Nor a thinner sauce topping say beans for a toastada – mmm. Nor am I thinking oh holy colon clog of a cheese stuffed pepper egg or crispy chili rellenno mmm. I’m thinking of oncehome

La cocinita (Denver Colorado)
Stuffed sopapilla

Looks similar to
Which is from Jerry’s of Gallup nm

Recipe part/dough
Filling and sauces heh?? And hell no 3 hours with scratch bread – I sense i’d be shot at dawn for the mess that’d be!

However burrito plates and green chili cheese fry action is still doable no on scratch tortillas but I’ll just have to be cleaner 😉

By Starman Jones

Everything and Nothing interests me. I cook read, write and even have to clean. I SHOULD NOTE: I'm 40 something.

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