Spotted cow by new glares of Wisconsin
( long! And only begins to frame approaches to limiting inflammatory foods)

Please note next set of stars ends this pile…

The fibro aid diet…

Fibromyalgia aid via diet in exchange for good Wisconsin beer
As a simple definition of and thus reference info to stem from

11/18 places hurt or more a simpler test for Fibro.

Stress worsens

So far this means less work and more delegation
Then avoiding long term nsaid type pain relief to avoid stomach troubles /ibs

Muscle relaxants (marjoram oil – doterra is inexpensive comparing to yleo)

Canna butter (marijuana butter as everyone loves puke dope. But it can ease pain and with nestle dark choc and mint chips available at fine grocery retailers along with a brownie mix swirl type oo la la brownies as ‘pain relief’. Last time I checked marijuana is illegal in this general area and always is on the job so caution about brownie consumption and ingredient procurement is warranted or one gets warrants of a different variety.

And so far- for the record-
Inflammatory eating the first ‘

Is still right
It doesn’t touch Fibro- but things reduced so Fibro can’t play

Community group

If you really want a research paper you are capable of getting one

But suffice it to say:

Less stress
Journal stress to combat it better which combines with a diabetic requirement to food journal you’ll catch a month of mine 22 is on almondcoffeed

Take up yoga Buddhism and or meditation complete with antioxidant rich green tea!

Next muscle injury pain response is when Fibro plays muscle relaxers mentioned above versus prescription
NSAIDs like aspirin ibuprofen Tylenol aleive are really good to trash stomach so much so that it’s most common Fibro is with ibs and similar diseases. Avoid wimp juice try massage and acupuncture

Food wise is limiting so marjoram oil is for relief! So is pot brownies. But you did ask for legit suggestions.

If you want more this is only a notes point fleshed out before it’s a book.

Good morning
Chicken soup triple grandma powered (marjoram is that principal spice)
Pot brownies.

Second attempt as lady is on locale
I still want That beer!!

Inflation reducing foods as in i can eliminate Fibro but it can be lessened

These spicifics of the general above search are for those herbs –


General foods poster good/bad

It is why I asked if it was fibromyalgia not sarcoidosis because vitamin d deficiency effects insulin yet must be limited with sarcoidosis as it’s also a trigger of the same Fibro like situations

I take calcitriol – an activated form of vitamin d as I’ve kidney issues blocking me from converting sunshine made vitamin d and that means vitamin d added milk bread slimfast centrum you name it it’s useless vitamins to me!! But vitamins d is an end of SOME type two diabetes issues as it reaches corrected higher levels – my worst diabetes is summertime so you can tell I’m just special. Your situation is different and thus please work with your health care team!!!

Potato chips and coffee

No not cold turkey right away!

Try celebrating change you enjoy and thus each step tackle harder tasks with a feeling of continued joy and self mastery

Never underestimate the power of a nagging wife

Yes I’m being a smartass. But I’m also being honest too. If you can handle a bit of concern for others trying to champion you to be better cuss the crap out of them about how you’re two years old yet 225 lbs (or more!! Go you! ) and you’ll have that damn snickers if you damn well want to! I’m not saying you’re wrong either but I warn you that you’re pissing away Jesus or just a nice person caring to help you. It’s easier as a team

The first thing to aid your life is to cut stress and do less work

Well now! Someone helping with some holler about your sins as you and I commit them absent mindedly!! Is very much a blessing aw cute and religious please go puke. I’ll wait.

Nowyes your going to lose good fast easy foods! Start whining!!!

Yes now get agrip

Big boy and girl pants time

Start trying to blog or as my one funny friend calls it— flog-ging food log, flog hee hee
I’ve a-month’s worth this instant mine sucks but you have all my food present maybe I forgot I ate a can of green beans two thursdays ago but really now.!.

I do have a glucometer. But no test strips to date this beginning to end in dr junk and at 87 cents a piece per strip? Um I can hardly afford to be extravagent

I am diabetic. I do drink. I do to your inspection eat SHIT food ! Slow down!

I maintain a stable A1c and kidney functions and have limits to sodium, potassium by way of drugs, phosphorus and limitations of meat intake altogether in no beef or pork by advice!

Not to mention I must be a bit conscious of actual calories too.

My needs thus aren’t yours my choices may not aid you following all my facts and patterns!!! But I want beer so I write up ways you! Can approach your needs and maybe not remember five hundred science books

Why these foods??

Substitutions for health (bye bye budget)
Vegetable aka soybean oil? Not so good! Why? Transfers and other carcinogenic byeproducts or… inflammation

If you fry: Olive just won’t do: olive oil and butter together make a bit of a smoke point in PAN frying to manage 350f

But otherwise you can sauté allllllllll day long

If you deepfat fry – peanut oil is both high smoke and affordable

I haven’t much experience with funny tasting avocado oil grape seed, rapeseed cottonseed oils and or palm except coconut/palm is the old movie theater popcorn oil that make it so velvet smooth

If you buy spreads – consider an olive oil one but in truth butter is friendly enough afterall. But so too here is a drip of measured olive oil

Next you saw multigrain bread whole grains etc – I like some! I also happen to like a diabetic friendlier RYE yes rye as it can be half the calories – a true feeling of full with actual food! Not some sissy bite

Turkey bacon. Again heavily processed by its nature! But it’s breakfast and breakfast without bacon is less. I like godshall’s brand turkey bacon

12 oz. Turkey Bacon

I find it at some grocery warehouses call if unsure

But a single slice of rye one fried egg a drizzle o.oil and bacon as described?


Rye bread two links: brand then calories


Egg Nutrition

Bacon link given above
40,120, 70, 40 is 340 a very caloric appropriate breakfast!

Just by way of reference
Butter pat 100,
Breads about same
Egg same but often people double triple them so 140
Bacon bacon

Click to access Dennys-Nutrition-Guide.pdf

Same thing but only one egg is? 390 calories 50 calories is 1/70 a pound 3500 calories in a pound of fat
In case you think I am pulling shit on you and lying

Simply trimming 500 calories a day can aid in losing 1-2 pounds a week it said 😉 no lame ass exercise! Woo hoo

Or realistically I’m saying it’s not eating but what how much and when. And a few key changes can seriously help you and your loved one too leave you the hell alone muhahahahaha.

I’m not to the main diet but if sugar is bad it’s time to consider truvia

I can hang

If you must agave syrup but back to that sugar thing!!!

And milk??
Fucking loaded with sugar!!

I actual like cashew milk yes they’re speedier but you buy the almond for cereal and the good stuff for coffee???? Ahhh ahh cut that caffeine you fiend!!! I know but you survived losing your security blanket big boy you can put down the supply cup with 1/2 calf then better non caffeinated things coffee

More comingbut I’m tired again this crap takes miserable hours to prove and I want that beer


We’ve covered substitutions to save not money but health


Now to note why this is here- how does one help others begin towards altering choices when it is like all the above is designed to stop living?

Imagine diabetes with fibro what an irritant! (And pain)

Now see how massively complex dieting alteration is when we all know it just doesn’t and won’t taste the same!

For instance I happen to like turkey bacon of the godshalls type its like ham almost – but maybe you’re a diehard pork poacher and it’s just ugh to you to consider healthy means only not living well?

How does one begin to make inroads in to what I can substitute versus without said stuff breathing in and out is pointless!??

Yes I rewrote that line twice


I’m going to foodie hell as I can microwave bacon eat this heathen substitute stuff and am in general interested in the food stuff down to each calorie.

Therefore it’s likely no surprise I’d take your left over Chinese soy sauce takeaway packs and make onion oranges chicken wings
Nor I can see 7’s on a1cs with great difficulty at all – yet I suffer the most simply eating at all as I’m very very hit miss with energy and thus into convenience eating a highly impossible way to limit sodium and or troublesome dietary factors I must watch.
Yet fundamentally I can cook and am aware of nutritional choices.

What if you could not live without morning coffee and all your life you knew that decaf meant
Decaf/decalf…. ha har.

I’m rather sure that the answer is in expectations and the plan is a simple conspiracy! 😁.

Oh so you remember the old taste of molasses tinged instant coffee and how both bitter and yucky molasses taste it is!!! Have you had the non molasses version of actually good Nescafé? Have you had a good Swiss water processed decalf wherein you hardly can tell side by side it’s decaf or any different at all? I’m rather positive it’s expectation of the past that drives the future away here
Or I know bloody durn well turkey bacon just is not! The same yet it is good in my opinion in its own right. So simply not stacking the deck but a great turkey but seems in order to prove it’s not bacon because I never said it was anyways thus skipping the notion it’ll stack up to bacon bacon when it’s just a different thing!

Hoodwinking people to see it is good and not scary sounds maliciously kind

I managed some asparagus with dinner of pot roaste/stew. I’m convinced sharing why the lower caloric intake methodology is worth it as one is in better health but it is not a fail in living well

– 😁😇

By Starman Jones

Everything and Nothing interests me. I cook read, write and even have to clean. I SHOULD NOTE: I'm 40 something.

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I feel sure you know your stuff as you’ve had to research it and live it. I’ll be honest I didn’t know you had fibromyalgia. I know a few other people with it. Are you talking about marjoram essential oil? How do you recommend using to get the full benefit? I have read a little about different essential oils and their benefits. I have a sleep blend I’ve been using. I admit I think a lot of things wrong with us can be relieved by things in nature, healthy diet and reasonable exercise and good rest — yet I don’t do these things. I have such bad habits. I have a friend wanting me to try CBD oil for my anxiety, depression and pain in my foot ( Metatarsalgia) … heh. For everything wrong with me. He’s trying to fix me. lol. That’s an impossible task. peace to you

Well, my finnnnme writing didn’t alert ye to beer for/ – 😁. I josh have kidney failure and diabetes with plantar fasciitis psoriasis a history but not for 38 years epilepsy blindness due either to retina pigmentosa (albinism and otherwise genetic lottery) and or agent orange as certified via kennedy institute for inclusion to then law work which wasn’t taken for me. I don’t have fibro. Damn near everything else but not fibro. Yes even rheumatoid arthritis factors after streptococcus throat. But I no longer have that factor! (Yay). Yes diet is key I know you read much of mine for six weeks straight via other me here. Obviously mine is horrors seemingly! ;). Well your haha on me tonight is someone left four items in a washer as a 1/12 load? I dumped my rag pilevsnd someone’s god awful shoes in there atop it in hot bleach on black shoes with delicate whites? She’s cute too. 😉 never mind I waited 20 around a machine off and did cursory look (blind). Curses! Much paint lost Bahahaha

Yes – I’ve noticed your unhealthy diet and inclusion of beer but I know you know what’s healthy and not. Why the discussion about fibro? I didn’t realized ibuprofen could make a person anti social. I know CDB comes from Marijuana but I’ve been told it doesn’t have the good stuff in it. LOL

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