Marks… grime. Grunge! Words and thoughts flow by
Minor progress on my stay here’s plans occurs. That I cant see to read with the glasses I got is comic I’m just a hair beneath that focus. So I gain marks…. grime! Grunge! Ideas or time passed. I suddenly can’t win a game of all fives scoring dominoes (double six set) and I blame having played too many all threes score games thus forgot how one weighs odds in all fives to cagily play. I won 2/9 games all season at shuffleboard league but oddly I seemed to be either good or the magic wore off trying to compete even when your 1 and 7. The pretzel turned out to be dynamite with siracha aioli as did the corn dog and I took up my bar position of natty lights because 3 a beer was fine but snacks eat one alive. I achieved? Tv dvd so I can movies and I applied after work I wonder if time (truly will draw) out like a blade” like is said in ‘Shawshank redemption’. Laugh with me if divination is correct saying these are the good old days!). (Or sing the tv theme to ‘all in the family’. “Boy the way glen miller played! Songs that made the hit parade… gee our old lasalle ran great… those were the dayssss!”). And I’m sure I’m marked. I am a grime fighter. Nope I’m in no mood for nirvana (grunge / smells like teen spirit… oo oo garsh I’m glad to be old!…Er)

By Starman Jones

Everything and Nothing interests me. I cook read, write and even have to clean. I SHOULD NOTE: I'm 40 something.

3 replies on “Smudges”

Marks, grunge, grime…all a part of life. And they make the clear, clean, and shiny more appreciated and enjoyed. 🙂

Shawshank…great movie!

Yes, the days are good! At least, I think so! And are the nights! 😀

Sorry to hear about the glasses. 😦 Can you exchange them?! (I only wear reading-glasses and I can buy them at my grocery store, so I don’t know about buying glasses-glasses.)

Hang in there! Smudges and all! 🙂


Lol it is not! The glasses fault but rather a moment realizing I’m not the same as I was – or proof I told ya before I’m supposed to see briefly 20/150 ! Yet I can’t effectively read with the things on! (Or far worse than 20/200 the definitive point of legal blindness). Therefore the answer is heh not really applicable. Now to hugs I just got a line on a job! Second one in alllllll the time here I will help pack and move tomorrow my old land lady who stages her family home for sale – :). As to the app in The breezes, I’m now into my pal here for a That maybe too. Or I’m llooooking up at least with a 😊

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