13th dream

I have said my peace
I blead as your heart sang yours
White left after grease

Today is dad’s day – full of bbq and or other joys. It’s nice 13 pass since mine passed yet a new one arrived to keep the bbq reasons alive. Of course I’ve zilch notions bbq. Tad tired to even latke like I should.

Stir a cloud across you coffee or tea if you’re daring. Dream with me over my banana of what I should be doing and or you too. Weeding the laneway- oo lets organize the boot! Oil the hinges then mop the baseboards because we just know it needs doing and we made it a further foulness… then spray the kicks and of course pick the grime of our nails and step to that yard dookie/duty. Nothing is sexier than being seen with a broom. Of course you know this is a ha har of a huge lie! pAR-ty.

Where’s the beer? Oh Satan help me with a slab of ribs. Salad? Sure how about a heap of potato? (That green rabbit food is for the birds. ).

Well – it’s to mass soon, but first some sabbath love – I don’t mean Black Sabbath nor Motörhead- nor work no no no! Day of REST! I mean lovvvve. 😁. The day doesn’t do itself yet it doesn’t have to be w.o.r.k.

Then Mr. Rogers neighborhood at a theater to remember a time.

And flee from Satan too – I mean like I gotta diet! Wheeeee! (Splat)

And find smiles anyways as I just have. Baby pictures for pram-itis!!! Healthy eating and lovvvvvve awwwwwww (there’s surely a rude noise… never you mind what you think I said!)

By Starman Jones

Everything and Nothing interests me. I cook read, write and even have to clean. I SHOULD NOTE: I'm 40 something.

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